Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it is time to think about how you will show your love to your loves. What better way to show them love than with yummy food? We will explore some easy-to-prepare (or buy) treats, some recipes, and places to source your Valentine’s feast. 


Let’s begin with the recipes! Here are some vintage valentine’s day recipes. There are 70 recipes to explore. There are drinks, apps, sides, entrees, and desserts. Want to make an easy Coq au Vin? Or learn how to make a Paloma? It is there!

We also have 53 Southern Living recipes! Check here for some amazing recipes to round out your menu for your loves. These resources will give you ideas for the whole month of February!

Bonus content: How to Make a Heart Shape Cake! If you don’t have a heart-shaped cake pan for your Valentine’s treats, here is a great hack on how to make a heart-shaped cake.


First, let’s start with the chocolates. What is better than chocolate for Valentine’s Day? Nothing. Nothing is better. And we are so lucky in the Pacific Northwest to have some fantastic chocolatiers.

Creo Chocolate

These chocolatiers have stunning hand-crafted truffles. Try the Brown Butter Bar or some of the other bars. There are also sipping chocolates and even skin care products. Check them out!

Woodblock Chocolate

The Woodblock Chocolate manufactory has the smell of roasting cacao wafting out of their front door. Their chocolate-making process is on display in their retail shop, and they urge you to ask any questions that might be inspired by the chocolate-making machines. Get their assorted bars to taste their chocolate. 


Now this category covers a lot of ground, from a scrumptious croissant, or a simple baguette, to some elaborate desserts. We have some amazing bakeries to try. This can provide your apps or your desserts, or both!

Baker and Spice

Creator, baker, and cookbook author Julie Richardson created Baker & Spice first as an early Portland Farmers Market stall, and now it is a brick-and-mortar store and has the Cakery. All of their products are delicious. 

Jinju Patisserie

This one is a double dipper…a chocolatier, and a bakery! Jinju Patisserie has desserts and savory tarts. All of their desserts and pastries are created by our award-winning pastry chefs.

Little T Baker

Little T Baker is known for having the BEST croissants in Portland. It sounds like we need to do a taste test! Little T American Baker was founded by owner and head baker Tim Healea, Little T Baker is guided by four elements: “flour, science, hands, and heart.”


If you and yours like to eat meat, here are a few wonderful options. 

Meating Place

The Meating Place has a long history in the area. They are a butcher shop; they have a café and more. If you want raw dog food for your four-legged Valentines, they have it!


This is a Portland tradition! If you haven’t gone to Gartner’s, please do! The sugar bacon would be a sweet way to start your Valentine’s morning. They have all sorts of meats for your whole Valentine’s menu plan. 

Cheese Shops


We love cheese! Cheese is our love language. 

Cowbell is an importer and distributor of specialty foods focusing on traditional European and American artisan cheese. Grab some for your Valentine’s meal. 

Cheese & Crack Snack Shop

Cheese & Crack plates include housemade rustic butter crackers, housemade savory oatmeal cookies, baguettes, olives, cornichons, Dijon, honey, and chocolate ganache. This could be an app or a great treat during hearts day!

Produce Places

Yes, we love the chocolate, the bread, the meat, the cheese, BUT we also need fruits and veggies for our meals (and our life). 

Rinella Produce

Rinella started in 1914. It remains family-owned and operated. Located in the heart of Portland, near Produce Row, we are in one of the oldest existing produce distribution buildings on the West Coast. This is a company that supplies all sorts of foods for restaurants, but they also sell to the public. So go here to take advantage of this great resource. 

Pacific Coast Fruit Company

Pacific Coast Fruit Company has been around for a long time serving the Portland area, “providing the freshest produce from Farm to Family.” This is another restaurant supply company, but they also have options for us!

Order It!

If you aren’t into making a Valentine’s meal, Elephants Delicatessen has a Valentine’s menu you can check out here. Make life easier for yourself!

What are you planning for Valentine’s Day meal(s)? Whatever you choose, we hope this helps you decide how you will celebrate your sweeties!