“A child-savvy message about limiting screen time delivered with humor and charm.” – Kirkus Reviews. Buy the award-winning book today!

Captain Doom has conquered the galaxy. But can he conquer the heart and mind (and attention) of his daughter? Find out what he does in a whole week to get her to notice him. A story that will captivate your kids while teaching them about the days of the week. Buy the book here!

The girl was a happy girl. Her birthday’s coming up! But what happens when a nasty virus comes to ruin the party? A book perfect for all ages. Purchase it here!

“Gimba has written a refreshingly zany work that has the potential to become a cult classic. The witty, third-person narration takes aim at everything from fandom culture to materialism and inequality, but it never takes a tone that feels preachy. Instead, Gimba delivers refreshingly funny dialogue and fresh worldbuilding.” – Kirkus Reviews. For older kids. Buy the book here!