“Being a weekly contributor to Oregon Kid helped me gain many strengths. Writing experience, organizational skills, and research skills are just a few of the areas I have grown in the past year. I also gained collaboration and communication skills due to consistent communication with my editor and the founder of the website, Arran Gimba. The team of Oregon Kid writers is kind, respectful, intelligent, and supportive of each other’s work. When I applied for a job outside of Oregon Kid, Arran was happy to act as a strong reference for me. Writing for Oregon Kid has not only brought benefits to my life personally and professionally, but it has been a fun and rewarding experience.”

Stephanie McCoy, Writer

We are always looking for fresh, informative articles about parenting, health, education, and family life, with special topics year-round: babies, arts & crafts/activities, holidays, special needs, family travel in Oregon, finance, nutrition, camping, and parties.

If you are interested in writing for Oregon Kid, please send an e-mail to info@oregonkid.com with a bio and a few writing samples. We would love to hear from you!