It is no secret that those of us living in the Pacific Northwest love coffee. It is true! Nothing is better in a cold winter than sipping delicious coffee in a cool coffee shop. A great coffee shop is such a special thing, and it can be even more magical if it is a place you can share with your kid, from getting your little one their first steamer to helping your kid perfect their coffee order. Now there are lots of kids’ play places that serve coffee, but that is not what this list is about. This list is about the coffee and the bonus that the coffee shops are kid friendly. 

Here are our top five coffee shops that we are highlighting. But please note these are not ranked in any order. They are all awesome, and you know we like for you to rank things on your own. Make it a game and go to all of them. Or find some others that we haven’t explored here. We would love to see your scorecard. 

1. Maplewood Coffee and Tea

Maplewood is the kind of coffee shop you would read about in a storybook. Maplewood has a rich Portland history that you can read all about here. It is really amazing what an important part of the community Maplewood has been for so long. Maplewood has new owners, and it has also been lovingly renovated. The new owners are a local family that loves the history of the spot as much as everyone else. Maplewood’s food and drinks are delicious, and it is the perfect spot to hang with your favorite little human (or big human…depending on the ages and sizes of your offspring). 

2. Jim and Patty’s

Now speaking of deep Portland history, Jim and Patty are icons. ICONS! Have you ever heard of Coffee People or Motor Moka? They were part of the early coffee scene in Portland and had the OG coffee drive-thru. Explore their history here. They started over and returned to the basics with Jim and Patty’s. It is the perfect place to take the kids for a treat. It is comfortable, welcoming, and delicious! Plus, their portion size will blow your kids’ minds. Be sure to order a Pig Newton. It is two breakfast sausages, cheese, and seasonings wrapped in cheddar chive biscuit dough that are scrumptious!

3. Tōv Coffee

Want something a little fun, a little quirky, and a lot yummy? Try Tōv Coffee. Sweets and drinks like “Chocolate Jesus,” “Smells Like the Mall,” and “It’s Not Matcha Bro,” you cannot go wrong! Oh, and did we mention that this coffee shop is actually a double-decker bus? NBD, it is just the most incredible setup ever. This is a really great place for the young car enthusiast in your life. Check it out!

4. Barista

Barista is just a classically good coffee shop. It has incredible coffee. And while it doesn’t specifically cater to children, Barista has a chill vibe that makes it easy to be with your kids at a super cool spot. Win/Win You both look cool while having legit coffee. 

5. Crema Coffee + Bakery

Coffee? Yes, they got it! However, the biggest win is that this coffee shop is also a bakery. Come on…coffee and pastry?! We know that our kids are always a little bit happier with a pastry in their hand. Let’s face it, aren’t we all a little happier with freshly baked goods?


Okay, okay, we said we weren’t covering kid places that also have coffee, but we will make one exception, Two Sisters Play Café. Two Sisters Play Café was created to be a place to relax, play and be creative. The play and art room are separate from the dining room. There is coffee, specialty drinks, and a full menu as well. It is truly a place for kids and those who love them. 

We hope that this list helps you get to the coffee shop soon! What are your favorite coffee shops? Do you stick with Portland’s tried and true? Or are you looking for the next big thing for a parent-and-child coffee date? We want to know what you are doing!