As a parent, you can find it hard to get everything brand new. But now, you don’t have to! With people becoming more conscious of the planet and not wanting to support fast fashion, you’ll see that thrifting is returning. Not only that, it can be a great activity to do with your teen! Portland is known for its outstanding beauty and style, and the thrift stores have that same sense of uniqueness. Check out our list of the best places to check out in Portland!

The William Temple House 

Many people like the William Temple House because their money helps people. The proceeds from the store support counseling programs and help less fortunate residents get food. Not to mention that they’ve been known to have some incredible vintage pieces. It’s considered one of the city’s most remarkable and versatile stores because it has a rotating stock of items and is known for having a huge selection of clothes no matter what your size. 

Village Merchants 

Village Merchants allows you to buy and sell items, which can be helpful when you want to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Their furniture is always great, so this would be an interesting shop to check out if your teen wants to redecorate. You can find an entire room quickly. What they are known for, however, is the ability to find rare vintage pieces from the mid-1900s and up. 

Vintage Pink

Check out this place if your teen is interested in vintage clothes or the lifestyle. It’s excellent for finding standout things at a reasonable price. While they have other items, the furniture is the biggest draw. Many of the items range from the 1950s and beyond, though they occasionally get 1920s to 40s as well. The store specializes in antiques, primitives, boho, and industrial items. 

Hollywood Vintage 

This funky, eclectic store is worth the stop. It has tons of vintage clothes and excellent items. They also have costumes and fabulous accessories. They specialize in costumes and period-piece clothing. Think of old-time movie stars like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. You’ll find everything from vintage corsets, shoes, and accessories through the costume pieces. This is the perfect place to add a layer of sophistication to an outfit. Be sure to check out the musical section for some hot items. They’ve been known to have KISS gear.

Cat Thrift Store

This fun store has a bit of everything; your teen will love it. You can find great clothing, shoes, craft supplies, books, and more. This store has a history of helping animals. The money you spend here gives them the tools they need to help cats get surgeries, food, and shelter. I recommend going through the jewelry case as they have the best necklaces and bracelets. However, I recommend going through the books. The selection is HUGE! 

The Arc

Many claim this to be the best thrift store in town. They’ve been in business for over seventy years. Their vision for the store is to help the people in the community who have developmental disabilities. As a result, they offer support services to those in need. A great selection of clothes and treasures, along with odds and ends and books, can be found here. Everything has been locally sourced, and there is a great sense of community.

A Bonus Store

Better Bargains Thrift Store

Better Bargains is big and has a wide variety of things to find. It’s in Beaverton, which is close to Portland. It makes this list because the prices are low, they have everything you can think of, and you can get a discount if you bring in donations. So it’s a win-win! Not only can you find great things for your teen, but you can also find workshop items and housewares, and the staff has great stories to tell about your items. People love coming here because of the friendly ambiance and hidden gems.

Explore The Town And Have Fun

Portland is a great place to go thrifting, and there are far more stores than the ones on this list. However, these made the list because you can find cheap statement pieces and have a lot of fun. To fully explore the city, go on a weekend when you have the whole day to spend. You’ll have fun sifting through the different areas and spending quality time with your teen. Have a great time exploring!