It is almost fall, y’all! Thursday, September 22 at 6:03 PST is the exact moment the sun will cross the celestial equator and the Northern Hemisphere, marking the first day of fall. It is called the autumnal equinox.

Now we may think of the first of the fall as a whole day, but really the equinox is that moment. However, for most of us, we would celebrate the whole day. Or perhaps you look at the first of September as the first day of fall? Or do you observe the first of fall being when pumpkin spice lattes drop? Whenever you observe, here are a few ideas to ring in the new season.

The fall equinox is a time all about balance. In fact, on September 22, 2022, we will have an exact balance of day and night. There will be 12 daylight hours and 12 nighttime hours. And after that day the sun will rise later and the night will come earlier. 


The celestial equator is a great circle on the imaginary celestial sphere, which is in the same plane as the Earth’s equator. To find out more about the science and history of equinoxes, go to National Geographic’s educational page here.

There is also a spring equinox called the vernal equinox. If you want more information about the two equinoxes or to learn about solstices, the National Weather Service has some great information here

Fall is absolutely stunning in the Pacific Northwest. It is a great time to explore all that our beautiful state has to offer. Let’s have some fun with this autumnal equinox as we mindfully enter into fall.


On this fall equinox, be sure to get outside. The trees are starting to change. Take the family for a walk to see how this season looks in your neighborhood. Or here are two places that are stunning in fall.

Portland Japanese Garden

611 SW Kingston Avenue

Portland, OR 97205

The Japanese Garden is stunning any season. Why not give it a visit now? The Japanese Garden will be updating visitors about the status of their fall colors. Check out the website or follow them on Instagram!

Leach Botanical Garden

6704 SE 122nd Avenue

Portland, OR  97236

This is a very special garden that just underwent an expansion in 2021. Leach Botanical Garden was donated by the Leach Family to the City of Portland’s Parks and Recreation in 1980. You need to reserve tickets ahead of time. The garden is even having a special Fall Equinox event. Check it out here.


While you go on a fall walk in your hood, grab a few beautiful leaves, and let’s get to crafting. 



Wax paper


Towel (tea towel or an old bath towel)

Craft Directions

·      Collect some leaves. The sky is the limit on the colors and sizes of the leaves. Take your leaf collection and set it to the side. 

·      Lay out a towel. Put out a sheet of wax paper on the towel and organize the leaves any way you want. Be sure to leave a little space between the leaves. Put on another piece of wax paper over the top of the leaves. Cover the top sheet of wax paper with the towel, so both sides are covered. 

·      Use a hot iron and run it over the towel. Keep ironing until the two sheets of wax paper are fused (between the towel). This will take approximately 5 minutes to fuse the wax paper. 

·      That is it! You are done! Hang them up…they are especially impressive when you hang them on a window and let the light shine through. 


Now everyone in town LOVES a good fall visit to Sauvie Island. Come October, it will be so busy, so go for a visit to the fall equinox to have some time to explore. 

Topaz Farm

17100 NW Sauvie Island Road

Portland, OR 97231

Topaz Farm is a fun farm! There is a nice market where you can grab some harvest bounties. However, they also have a sunflower maze! For the entire month of September, you can explore the sunflower maze. You can also cut sunflowers ($15 a mason jar for sunflowers, and $25 will get you as many sunflowers as you can fit into a 5-gallon bucket. What a deal!). Go to the market to get supplies and more information. 

The Pumpkin Patch

16511 NW Gillihan Road

Portland, Oregon 97231

This is a wonderful place to spend the first of fall. This place has it all…market, corn maze, gift shop, animal barn, and more! Check on the animals, take a walk in the maze, and get some fresh farm food for your equinox celebration. Also, they have the most amazing baskets for sale there. Do yourself a favor and get one to haul your goodies in. 


Lastly, but not least. Take time to get a treat on the fall equinox. The day is about balance…so after the walk, craft, and other fall activities, let’s have a little something sweet. 

Sesame Donuts

6990 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway 

Portland, OR 97225 

There are Multiple Locations in the Area

Sesame Donuts is a Portland staple that features old-school donuts. They make a seasonal apple cider donut that is not to be missed. They also have all the usual suspects and the BEST giant celebration donuts. 

Sisters Coffee

1235 NW Marshall Street 

Portland, OR 97209

The coffee shop in Sisters has been there since 1989. The Pearl location is the perfect place to grab a local autumnal treat. Skip the big chains and try that pumpkin spice locally to get you in the fall mood.   

What do you do to celebrate the changing of the seasons? Do you do something special? We hope that you walk into this new season calmly and confidently. Let us all seek the balance of the equinox.