In the day and age of two-hour home delivery, food to go, two-day prime, and streaming, we get caught up in it all. It’s easy to forget the simplicity of making or fixing something ourselves. There are a plethora of options in the metro area to teach kids how to sew. As a note, most noted below are smaller because the “bigger” sewing stores cater towards a different generation. The below options have classes exclusively for kids and teens. Hopefully, these will fit the bill for your budding designer! 

Portland Fashion Institute

This class is exclusively for ages 10-14 for older kids. You start with Camp 1, which is how to use a sewing machine and do basic lines and hems. The class makes an apron in Camp 1, and then after they complete that class, they can move to Camp 2, where you make a robe, and after that, Camp 3, where you make pajamas.

Portland Craft Bar

This business does not currently have spring or summer camps, but they do offer small-sized classes and lessons. They offer single, 3, 6, and 8 session offerings, and prices are determined by the number of participants. 

Sew Fabulous

Elizabeth will teach children starting at the age of 7. She has developed her own curriculum to accommodate age brackets. If your child is between the ages of 7 to 10, lesson series are shorter. If the child is 10 and up, she does private lessons.       

Good Hand Studio

Heather will teach children in a private lesson starting at the age of 6. Children aged 7 and up participate in group classes. A neat selling point of this studio is that she offers after-school sewing sessions three days a week.  

Tati and Me

While this company offers handmade children’s clothing items for sale, classes and workshops are offered to children. Some of the workshops coming up include sewing for your pet and designing a stuffy. A sewing punchcard is also an offering for children and adults. This might appeal to your budding designer as a parent/child activity to do together.  

JoLene’s Sewing School

JoLene has been teaching sewing to people of all ages for over ten years. She can teach children starting at the age of 6 and has she has specific teen sewing classes as well. If you head over to her Facebook Page, you will see many camps and classes available. 


While the above are independently owned, JoAnn has a vast number of classes for crafty kids who prefer video instruction online.

Tualatin Library Makerspace

Does your creative kid already know what to do and just needs access to a machine? Tualatin library’s newest makerspace offers many crafty tools for every budding designer. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see the options available in the Portland Metro area for teaching children and teens how to sew. Sewing – it’s not just a craft. It’s therapy.