Springtime is upon us. Your kids may be tired of being inside, and you may be ready to enjoy some fun in the sun. Portland is a great city to shake off your winter blahs. 

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Springtime is synonymous with gardening and blooming flowers. Tulips are very springy in their bright colors and gorgeous blooms. This year, the festival runs from March 18 through May 1. Ticket information for individual, single-day tickets can be found here. There are special events within the festival as well. Wine tastings and Alzheimer’s Association donations are both on the menu for parents at this 40-acre tulip farm with 200 acres of outdoor fun. 


If you love nature but prefer it less groomed and more spontaneous, Portland is a fantastic city for wildflower spotting. Travel Oregon has some fantastic information on many Oregon areas, but one of their best articles shows readers where to find the best wildflowers. Check out Jen Anderson’s article for brilliant blooms across the state. 

Trillium Festival

If you aren’t done with the beautiful, natural scenery, check out the Trillium Festival on April 2, 2022. This festival celebrates a native flower that is only delicate in its presentation. This perineal flower is hearty and returns like clockwork. 

Japanese Cherry Blossoms 

Blooming Japanese Cherry blossoms at the Japanese American Historical Plaza at Tom McCall Waterfront Park are legendary. Locals like to flock to these fragrant blossoming trees lining the park for photo ops and outdoor relaxation. 

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

Like our other suggestions, this park simply glows this spring. The brilliant flower displays are shown in an early-season weekend at the beginning of April, but by Mother’s Day, the gardens are unrivaled. The bold blooms are in full effect by mid-May, so it’s perfect for the Mother’s Day weekend. 

Farmer’s Markets 

Spring vegetables are delicious, and supporting local farmers is economically responsible. Local fruits, vegetables, and meats are generally treated with fewer harsh chemicals. You can also introduce your child/ren to where their favorite foods grow and live. 

Hit Cloud Nine

As the weather warms up, a flavorful treat is ice cream. Most kids like at least one or two flavors, and Cloud City packs fun and flavor into its ice cream. Frosted animal crackers enhance one of their most popular creations, and who doesn’t love biting into sweet animal crackers.

Get Creative

While being outdoors and enjoying the scenery and flavors is phenomenal, sometimes it rains—a lot. When it’s rainy, check out some fantastic indoor activities. A favorite is the Portland Child Art Studio. Your kids will enjoy some time being creative, and you will get to ooh and ahh over their masterpieces. 

All The World’s a Stage

If visual arts aren’t your kids’ forte, they might even like to try their hand at local children’s theater. Even if they don’t want to participate, watching can be mesmerizing. The Northwest Children’s Theater has spring break classes to get your child’s creative juices flowing. Put on a production at home after learning great techniques there. 

Thrilling Rides

Oaks Park has a brand-new thrill ride this year. It is launching in March and is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and a little speed. If your little ones are thrill-seekers, check out Oaks Park and everything they have to offer. 

Wheelie Having Fun

Riding thrill rides might not be your cup of tea. Your kids might not be quite ready for adventures that big yet. Why not visit a local park and take your bike, rollerblades, or other wheeled transportation to your local park and have a good time learning to wheel along. These exercises are great for the body, and the sunshine is good for the soul. 

It’s a Whaley Good Time

Go whale watching on the coast. The prime time for whale watching on the Oregon coast is the spring. From March to June, you will see the most whales from the coastline. If your kids are old enough, build a little learning into the watches through photography or science lessons. However, even young kids can learn to appreciate whale watching just for the majesty of these creatures. 

Lan Su Chinese Garden

If you have enjoyed the scenery so far, consider touring the Lan Su Chinese Garden. The tours can be guided, or you can explore the area on your own. Members can explore for free, and other visitors pay an admission cost, but it is well worth it. The costs go to support this lovely garden and educational oasis. 

Final Thoughts

There are dozens more things you can choose to do in Portland this spring. Keep in mind that some of these activities can be done for low or no cost, but you have to be creative in your endeavors. Don’t just watch the kids at the park. Instead, go exploring and see who can spot the most varieties of flowers or clean up the most trash. You are only limited by your imagination.