Slappy Cakes

It’s a restaurant that combines the DIY spirit of arts and crafts with delicious pancakes. What more could a kid ask for? This restaurant allows you to build and cook your own pancakes right there on the table in front of you. Pick from any four of their delicious batters, including buttermilk, chocolate, gluten-free, and a rotating variety of seasonal flavors. Then squeeze the bottle of batter right onto the cooktop and start adding in your own toppings! Kids will love mixing and matching delicious add-ins like blueberries and chocolate chips, plus some less traditional pancake ingredients like peanut butter chips, bacon, or avocado. Of course, there’s plenty of options for those who aren’t big pancake fans with a variety of other delicious breakfast food – and a robust cocktail menu for the grown-ups! 

Know Thy Food

This cozy little organic co-op cafe is a great place to hang out with kids. There are daily kids’ entertainment shows with music and dancing to keep them entertained while you finish your meal. Plus, the menu has fantastic customizable kid food options, with a build-your-own kids plate option where you can customize their protein, fruit, dairy, and entree options. Perfect for picky little eaters! Plus, there are plenty of options for smoothies, bagels, and other kid-friendly menu options if they’re feeling like something more hearty. There’s even a little kid’s play area, so they have some fun activities to do if they finish their food a little early. 

Laughing Planet

With sets of toy dinosaurs placed on every table, this restaurant is likely to be your family’s favorite before they even get a chance to taste the food! Laughing Planet is a happy, vibrant counter service restaurant with an extensive menu full of delicious and healthy options. The kids will love the kids’ smoothies, available in berry peach or mango banana, and the kids’ food menu, which features burritos, quesadillas, and veggie bowls.

Two Sisters Play Cafe

If you’ve got wiggly little ones who have a hard time sitting still through an entire meal, visiting the Two Sisters can be just the break you’re looking for. With a massive playroom available for kids to read books, play with trains, dress up, and even climb and slide on the play room’s jungle gym, it’s easy for kids who need to do some moving to get the space they need without disturbing other restaurant patrons. The menu features plenty of kid-friendly options for both breakfast and lunch, plus a full coffee bar! 

Zoiglhaus Brewing Company 

If you’re struggling as a beer enthusiast with little ones in tow, take them over to Zoiglhaus Brewing Company. This place has incredible beer but is also a fantastic place to take the family for dinner. With a kid-friendly menu of burgers, fries, and hot dogs, they’ll have zero complaints about eating all their dinner. There’s even a play area for little ones to explore, so you can relax with a pint or two while they remain endlessly entertained. 

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