Every year it seems like consumers shop for Christmas presents earlier and earlier. Black Friday deals started creeping into early November rather than the day after Thanksgiving, and stores would try to beat one another with the deals.

But this year, it may be even more critical to get your Christmas presents early. 

Here’s why.

Supply Chains Are Down

Many products will see a shortage this year due to supply chain issues. Whether it’s due to a shortage of labor, transportation issues, or lack of supplies, many hot items will be in short supply, namely toys and hot electronics.

We’ve seen shortages on everything from toilet paper to game consoles and everything in between. 

If there’s a ‘hot’ item someone on your list wants, your best bet is to shop for it now while supply is still high enough. Waiting until November or December could leave you empty-handed.

Apparel Is In Short Supply

It’s not just toys and electronics in short supply – the apparel industry is feeling it too but in a different way. Shopping for apparel right now may bring you up short. The apparel industry doesn’t have its entire stock quite yet again due to the supply chain.

Experts believe it will be fully stocked by November and once it is, shop right away. The demand for trendy clothing will make the supplies right out fast.

You Can Spread Out Your Spending

Despite the pandemic and supply shortages, there are other reasons to shop early, most importantly spreading out you’re spending.

Spending a large amount of money during December can lead to credit card debt or financial problems. If you start now, you can spread out the spending over the next couple of months. This makes it easier to stick to a budget. 

Before you spend, figure out how much you typically spend in total. Spread out the amount over the next several weeks or months, and you’ll have a better handle on your Christmas spending.

You May Get Better Deals

When you have time to shop around, you may find better deals for the presents you want to buy. Watch for sales and if you purchase something early, keep your receipt. If you find the item at a lower price later, you can either return the original product or get a price match depending on where you are shopping.

Final Thoughts

It’s always a good idea to do your Christmas shopping early. Some people even shop year-round, taking advantage of hot sales and spreading out their spending even more.

This year it’s even more important because you may not get what you want if you don’t. On top of the supply shortage, there could also be shipping issues. The post office has already warned of its longer shipping times, and other carriers will likely feel the hit too. 

To make your holidays as stress-free as possible, start your holiday shopping now and sit back and relax during the holiday season, enjoying the time for what it’s worth.