There are many staples in a typical Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. One dessert staple is typically pumpkin pie. Many stores offer pumpkin pies for as little as $5. But this Thanksgiving, with small businesses hurting, it would be great to grab your holiday pies and desserts from somewhere local. Here are some local bakeries that have some great choices for sweets. 

Pie Spot-

Holy moly. My husband and I just discovered the Pie Spot last week on a date-night. We sat in our car (no dine-in, of course) and shoved our faces with the most delicious, and adorable, little hand-held pies. We promised each other we would go back very, very soon ha-ha. So, here’s the deal: they are sold out already for Thanksgiving pre-orders. But you could get lucky if you go in the day before Thanksgiving and order a baker’s dozen, or some pie-crust cinnamon rolls. If you are ordering 2 dozen or more, they require 24-48-hour notice.

Baker and Spice-

I have never been to this business, but their selection sounds amazing. They offer Thanksgiving goods “baked” or “frozen”. Their pies include choices like pear, apple lattice, and apple blackberry oat. They also have pastries such as cookies, Bundt cakes, and tartlets. Unfortunately, their pumpkin pie is sold out, but there are tons of other great choices.

Petunia’s Pies and Pastries-

Many of the websites I have researched have read, “Thanksgiving pies, sold out.” I was happy to see that this one reads, “Place your Thanksgiving order NOW!”. This business boasts vegan and gluten-free items and has a huge variety. Peach-berry, caramel pecan, and pumpkin pies are all still available in varied sizes. They also offer pot pies, biscuits, and ice cream.

Virtuous Pie-

O.K. Good news and bad news with this suggestion. I went to it because “pie” was in the name, but I don’t see any pie. But … they do have some amazing ice cream pint choices. Further, they are proud to say that the ice cream is “made out of plants”! Among the choices are pumpkin pie and pecan, salted caramel and chocolate pretzel, peanut butter and jam, and cookies and cream. There are more choices that sound interesting and delicious. This business is around 11th and SE Division in Portland.

Mehri’s Bakery and Café-

This place has savory and sweet pies. Apple minced meat pies, sweet potato pies, and an abundance of sweet pies and cakes. The website notes that pre-ordered pies for Thanksgiving need to be picked up by Wednesday. They are located near SE 52nd St. in Portland.

Farina Bakery-

Wow. This website had some beautiful pictures of some amazing-looking desserts. Macarons, pastry boxes, and pies are among the choices. Although I didn’t see pumpkin pie: they do offer marionberry or cherry pies. Cakes, cookies, and cupcakes are also on the menu. They offer take-out, delivery, or pick-up through the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Sweetpea Baking Co.

This website features a link to “Grub Hub” to “pre-order your holiday items” right away on their homepage. The dessert options include pumpkin pie, chocolate silk pie, Dutch apple pie, or pumpkin cheesecake.

Pacific Pie-

I have never heard of Pacific Pie, but I am sure glad I found it through research. The pie options are outstanding, including pumpkin ginger streusel, apple sour cream streusel, chocolate bourbon hazelnut, and so on. There is an option to pre-order online, or you can also call 503.381.6157.

I am pleased to now know about these places that I have never heard of before tonight. Portland is full of delicious local food, it’s almost overwhelming sometimes. I have said to my husband, “I bet we could eat at a different restaurant every month for the rest of our lives here in Portland without hitting the same one twice”. Although most of these local pies will be much more expensive than pies at a big-chain store: it should be considered that you are helping local entrepreneurs and their employees by shopping there. Also, most of these places aim to partner with local produce companies. I was pleased (almost a little teary) to see on so many of these websites, “We are sold out for Thanksgiving! Thank you!”. Best of luck to you all in finding wonderful holiday goodies while supporting local business. 

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