How do you keep yourself available but occupied while your child is on the computer with his or her high school classes?  There are many craft projects that can be personally satisfying and add to your home, and even result in sharing kindness and joy with your community.  

Here is a home decor project (the building of a backyard sanctuary) done while children are home schooling.

The making of a sanctuary: a special place in your yard for whatever is special for you.

In this example, the wild animals who visit this family’s yard are special for them. (Please note, the misspelling of “out back” on the sign was not intended to reference the restaurant.  Please courteously overlook the misspelling.  The artist didn’t notice it until after shellacking.)  The family sees deer, coyotes, and raccoons visiting their yard.  So, to introduce their children to times of the day when these creatures/animals are awake, this parent created this sign for some educational fun.

The yard sanctuary included making one bird house.  Popsicle sticks were used to decorate the bird house, as well as a slogan and wall paper.  The bird house was shellacked for longevity of the paper trims.

To make your signs or bird house, pick up a free pallet from someone who has pallets in good condition.  Break the pallet part using a hammer. Remove previous nails, and dispose of safely.  Cut and paint your sign or house pieces any shape you like.  Construct whatever you want in your sanctuary.  And enjoy yourself.  These craft projects bring joy to the community.

Other craft projects that parents might enjoy include knitting, sewing, painting, drawing and cooking.  Your local craft or sewing stores often offer small classes to learn some of these skills.  

A good place to find craft projects that parents can do with their children are found on the Good Housekeeping website. This link will give readers 50 craft ideas to keep you and your children entertained.

Craft projects inspire our children’s imagination.  We demonstrate the adventure of imagining, counting objects, saving up for something, planning ahead … all skills that help our children during this homeschooling period.  

Have fun this winter and enjoy the time you have with your children who are homeschooling.

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