“One day or day one.  It’s your decision.” This Instagram post gave me pause.  I thought about how complacent we, or at least I, get when things are humming along, comfortable and predictable.  Then, BAM … out of nowhere, a tiny, albeit potentially deadly, particle protein – an invisible enemy – hijacks our lives propelling us into levels of fear and disarray we never thought imaginable.  

Day one of Coronavirus drastically changed our lives and we didn’t see it coming.  Think about the power of a significant change when we do see it coming. Then think about the power of the same when we actually plan it ourselves.  That’s what I’d like to introduce here: the awe-inspiring, self-empowered feeling resulting from choosing to be an active creator in your own life. 

Remember as youngsters we were asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  The brain focused on one day and the goals felt unattainably far off in the future.  Then the school years zoomed by, degrees were obtained, jobs were secured, the beautiful wedding came and went, and the kiddos came along.  We identify as graduates, employees, members, neighbors, spouses, and parents, but are we experiencing all that life has to offer? Life may certainly be everything our 5-year-old self dreamed but we also may ache to spread our wings a little further.  

In 2019, I challenged myself with a new question:  What would I like to manifest for me? I asked myself this probing inquiry months ago.  Today, I’m mindful that we’re living in quarantine times abiding by social distancing and therefore realize it’s necessary to remain within the context of what’s realistic.  Even so, there are endless possibilities for stretching and growing who we are, even in current conditions. I broached this last year because after a devastating job loss due to downsizing, a drastic change I didn’t see coming, circumstances begged the question, “What next?”  

Knowing this was an opportunity to manifest new and exciting experiences, I combined natural talents with passion that beautifully blends my education, life experiences, and intuition into a formally-structured business offering compassionate listening and life coaching, especially for parents and teens, as well as other nurturing modalities (www.lovetolisten.net).  I’m continually reminded of Neale Donald Walsh’s quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” as I venture through many unexplored territories, including the writing of this article, and the inner battle of wanting stability versus facing the unknown. I’m delightfully learning there are many rewards outside one’s comfort zone, including the beautiful and rewarding manifestation of that unrealized dream. 

In 2020, I challenge you to explore the same new question:  What would you like to manifest for you? What would push you to the end of your comfort zone?  What would help you feel a little more alive in your skin? Does that inner chef want to come out?  Ready to discover website design? Up for mastering another language? Want to give gardening a try?  Always wanted to crochet? Ever consider raising chickens? Thinking about learning a new instrument? Wish to rescue a pet?  That’s just the tip of the iceberg. As you query your thoughts, notice what excites or terrifies you and take a closer look. What speaks to you?  What new, amazing experience or skill could you embrace just for you?  

Never before has there been such a good time to try something new.  Go ahead. I believe in you. Our new-found Coronavirus era needs you to do this.  As you step out of your comfort zone, know that I am walking alongside you. Together we turn our “one day” into “day one”.  It’s worth the risk. And, what a terrific way to model to our kids that we never stop yearning and learning.  

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