As children, we did not have the technology or “resources” that our kids have today when it comes to filling our time.  I personally, spent countless hours running through the woods or playing with a limited amount of toys in the basement, but somehow, we managed to survive.  During these difficult times, perhaps it would do us some good to channel our child of old and relive some of the fun experiences we had with our children.

Roller Skates Anyone? One of the best things we can do right now is to get outside and exercise while keeping safe social distancing practices in mind.  As a young girl (I’m talking like 5 years old) my sisters and I would lace up our roller skates and glide/wipeout up and down the sidewalk in front of our house.  We would literally do this for hours. When we got tired of that, we would take a bike ride around the block. We didn’t have to go far but just the small trip around the block, with the wind in our hair (we didn’t wear helmets back then) made us feel free and energized! If you don’t have skates or bikes then just go for a walk.  The point is, get outside and enjoy your surroundings.

Let Them Be  (but be in the next room). The kids can benefit from some unstructured playtime.  My parents often played with me. I can remember throwing the ball around or playing soccer with my dad quite frequently but they also made us play by ourselves.  I really can’t recall having my parents sit down and play toys with me. I loved the time I spent playing dolls by myself. I would concoct elaborate stories and create scenarios (some of which could only come from the mind of a child).  It was good for me to have that time and it was probably a nice break for my parents. So, let the kids have sometime in their rooms with their toys and take a minute to catch your breath.

Bring on the Imagination! We did not have a whole lot growing up so imaginative play ran rampant through our home (really, we had no other choice). We would put on my mom’s high heels and shoulder padded work blazers (it was the 80s) and play business or get out the dishes and pretend we owned a restaurant, complete with menus we created and all.  The point is, we used what we had to create stories. Maybe you have costumes and pretend food and maybe you don’t but kids can create stories out just about anything. So bring out a pile of stuff you’re okay with getting a little tattered and let them have at it!

Feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite childhood activities!