Hey there, welcome back to “The Lobby Post,” your monthly dose of all things artsy and cool! If you haven’t checked out The Lobby yet, you’re missing out on a whole lot of creativity, community vibes, and just plain awesomeness.

Located right on the ground floor of the Ellen Browning Building (2871 SE Division Street, Portland, OR 97202), The Lobby is the place to be for anyone who digs art, wants to get their creative juices flowing or just needs a chill spot to hang out. And guess what? Our exhibits change every six months, featuring top-notch contemporary artists that you’d totally expect to see in fancy-pants museums.

Best part? It’s free and open to everyone! Swing by Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 2 PM, and soak in all the artistic goodness.

We’ve got a brand new show that just opened, and it’s packed with fresh artwork for you to check out. One of the standout artists, Erin Shirreff, brings a super diverse vibe with her photography, video, and sculpture. Her work explores how we experience 3D forms in this image-driven age, playing with the space between objects and their representations.

Even though Shirreff trained as a sculptor, she’s fascinated by how we perceive and remember objects, often through photography. Her photos aren’t just flat images; they have a sculptural feel, making sure they reflect the three-dimensionality of the real world.

In “Somewhere in the Middle,” the current show at The Lobby, Shirreff’s piece stands out. It’s a photograph, but not just any photograph. This one’s cut, spliced, and set in a deep shadow box frame, giving it a sculptural feel. The action happens right in the middle, true to the show’s name, making it a dynamic and engaging piece that’s anything but flat.

And don’t miss out on the next Kids Day, where you can create your own Erin Shirreff-inspired photograph. Join us on Saturday, July 6th, from 12 – 2 PM. We’ve got all the necessary supplies and instructions – bring your creativity, and let’s make some art!

More information about the artist here.

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