The first day of spring was on March 19. The best place to get ready for spring? A nursery! We have some amazing nurseries; let’s explore the top 5 in the area. 

Cornell Farm

For 36 years, Cornell Farm has grown into a picturesque nursery and café. If you are looking for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, you are in luck. They typically have special plants you may not be able to find at some of the box stores or other nurseries. The café has delicious food and some of the best coffee. There are lots of gift options and statues as well. Cornell Farm also offers garden coaching and planting services. According to their website, “Winter is the perfect time to dream and plan for warmer days ahead. Plus, you might be surprised to discover just how much beauty there is to be found in our gardens even on the coldest days — and how much gardeners can still do, both indoors and out.” Check out their chickens when you visit. 

Portland Nursery

Portland Nursery is a Portland institution. Portland Wholesale Nursery opened its doors in 1907. This nursery has become a place of events, classes, and more. Portland Nursery has everything you’ll need to make your garden and home your favorite destination. They are right! Need books or seeds or gifts? They have it! The nursery has two locations in SE Portland. The Stark location is large and impressive. The Portland Nursery is the only home of the Official rose of the 2023 Rose Festival, which is called “Smiles for Miles.’” Portland Nursery is an extraordinary place, and you can experience some of the magic on its website by looking at some of its projects and resources. When you get the chance, go and walk the grounds and check out the plants, trees, pots, and statues. 

Pomarius Nursery

Pomarius Nursery is stunning. In fact, it is so stunning that it offers a place to rent for private parties. It is the perfect background for your special occasions…as well as a great go-to place for indoor and outdoor plants. According to their website, “Owner Peter Lynn’s roots in Belgium and the South of France are reflected in his stock of Boxwood, witty topiary shrubstextural plants, and architectural objects. Our grounds are abundant with design inspiration and surprises, including Northwest native plants, succulents, and perennials.” Pomarius also offers garden design services and a variety of community events. 

Dennis 7 Dees

Dennis’ 7 Dees have been around since 1956. They have four locations in Oregon. Dennis’ 7 Dees have been designing, building, and maintaining beautiful landscapes for residential and commercial customers. This is a great nursery that has a lot of services available. Here are some of the services that the nursery has to offer: landscaping, water features, irrigation systems, raised beds, gardens, turf, paths, patios, and more. This fantastic nursery helps you create the garden space of your dreams. 

Al’s Garden

Al’s Garden started as Al’s Fruit Stand in 1948. Long gone are the fruit stand days, and Al’s Garden now has four locations. The flagship store is a 10.5-acre garden center in Sherwood. Al’s Garden has classes, services, events, and a Kids Club. There is always something going on, and there is something for everyone. You can buy home interior goods, clothes, gifts, and patio furniture at Al’s as well. Al’s is a very expansive garden center with many plants, trees, flowers, sculptures, pots, and more. Al’s has a rewards program that can help you buy your plant. Their variety is astonishing. Take a walk around this beautiful space and see what they have. 

Farmington Gardens

Farmington Gardens has a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants, sculptures, pots, and more for your gardening needs. They have a couple of different locations. You can also get your dirt and rock needs here. Farmington Gardens has a unique floral subscription service. You can purchase a monthly bouquet subscription from Farmington Gardens, which offers unique, one-of-a-kind, designer’s choice floral arrangements all season long. They offer pick up or delivery on the first Thursday of each month. This is a beautiful nursery that can help provide the garden you would like to build this year. 

Start your garden planning now. Check out the seed and start selections, and begin to dream. Are there nurseries that we missed that are your favorites? Let us know!