Prepare to be enchanted by A Banana Slug Gets Her Name, Susanne Hovis’s first book in the Joy Stories series. In this first book, readers follow a sparkly banana slug who captures the attention of a frog. Through their encounter, the banana slug’s zest for life and infectious joy inspire the frog to transform the way he feels by using his six mental faculties: imagination, will, perception, intuition, reason, and memory. 

Through the banana slug’s example, kids learn how to use their mental faculties to benefit themselves and others. Our heroine shows how living in alignment with our emotional intelligence creates a better world for us all. 

The Joy Stories series follows this sparkly banana slug as she encounters other forest creatures. Through the banana slug’s adventures, readers will explore the wonders of nature that surround us each day and learn to transform their lives and, subsequently, our world through the power of joy. Whether reading together at bedtime or exploring the pages independently, Joy Stories will surely capture the hearts of parents, families, teachers, and kiddos across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

There is an active Kickstarter campaign to help cover promotion costs, printing the book, and funding classroom packages. Books will be distributed to school teachers, including in-person author readings of A Banana Slug Gets Her Name. 

There are many amazing rewards for the various pledge levels to support this first book. There are digital coloring sheets, fun fact nature bookmarks, and even one to include your child as one of the three baby birds in the next book!

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About the Author

Susanne Hovis is a beloved writer, author, Joy Coach, and heart-centered leader based in Portland, Oregon. With a passion for storytelling and a love of nature, Susanne aims to inspire imagination, wonder, and joy in readers of all ages. 

As Susanne reminds us with her infectious joy, “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen, and it always will!”

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