We live in the Pacific Northwest and are on the verge of spring, so that brings uncertainty in the daily forecast. It is unclear if we are going to have a sunny and dry day or a rainy one. And let’s face it, regardless of the weather, kids need to play! 

Indoor play places provide an exciting and safe environment for younger kids to engage in active play, socialize, and unleash their boundless energy. These vibrant and interactive spaces are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs and interests of young children, offering a wide range of engaging activities and opportunities for exploration. In this article, we will delve into the world of indoor play places and explore the numerous benefits they offer to younger kids.

One of the significant advantages of indoor play places is that they provide entertainment regardless of the weather outside. Whether it’s scorching hot, raining, or freezing cold, families can still enjoy a fun-filled day indoors. Such venues are especially valuable during extreme weather conditions or in regions with limited outdoor play opportunities, ensuring that children can engage in active play and socialize throughout the year.

This is a hyperspecific indoor play place for younger kids in SW Portland and Beaverton. Several of these places are pretty new on the scene and worth your time. 

Dig PDX – 8536 SW Apple Way. Beaverton, OR

Cost: $16 per child
Ages: 0-6 years old earlier in the day and ages 0-12 years old later in the day

Hit up Oregon’s largest indoor sandbox. This place is AMAZING! A giant space filled with sand and sand toys. Every kid’s dream! There are murals on the wall painted by a local artist. Check out her work here. (The owners of Dig PDX also run LEKA Playland, which is also on this list.)

Happy Baby Play – 3205 SW Cedar Hills Blvd #45. Beaverton, OR

Cost: $18 per child (membership plans available)
Ages: 0-6 years old (but all ages welcome)

This place is so aesthetically pleasing; it is like walking into a well-curated Pinterest page. They have a gross-motor zone featuring a rock wall, foam pit, rope climb, and monkey bar. It is a paradise for young adventurers! Plus, there are sand and water tables. There are plenty of options for your kiddos to explore. 

LEKA Playland – 7405 SW Tigard Tech Center Dr., Suite 120, Tigard, OR

Cost: $16 per child
Ages: 0-5 years old

Another beautiful space! The website talks about the space being magical and inspiring, and they aren’t wrong. Most of their toys are Greenguard-certified and inspired by the Montessori and Waldorf philosophies. LEKA also has an infant room for the under 18 months old crowd. 

PILEA Play – 7832 SW Capitol Highway, Suite B; Portland, OR 97219

Cost: $16 per child
Ages: 0-6 years old

As their website says, PILEA Play is an inclusive community space for young children and their families to play, create, investigate, and build community. This is the space for all of that! It is a colorful and fun place for kids to explore. They have open play, classes, and more.

We are so lucky to have these incredible indoor spaces. Indoor play places foster social interaction and communication among young children. These vibrant spaces bring kids together, encouraging them to engage in imaginative and cooperative play. But remember that community centers and other play places offer other options as well. 

These indoor play places in SW Portland and Beaverton are valuable resources for families, providing a haven for children to play, learn, and grow regardless of the weather. So, when the forecast is uncertain, you can take comfort in knowing that these indoor play places are available to provide hours of fun and entertainment for your little ones.