Every First Saturday of the Month: A Creative Workshop for Kids and Families At The Lobby

What to Expect:

Exploring the Exhibition: We’ll kick off our artistic journey by visiting our mesmerizing exhibition. Guided by our knowledgeable team, your child will discover the secrets hidden within iconic artworks. They’ll get to recreate their own versions of timeless masterpieces in a hands-on activity while learning more about the artists’ techniques, styles, and stories that influenced their creations.

Unleash Your Child’s Creativity: Our event is not just about studying art history; it’s about empowering your child to become a budding artist themselves. In our class, your child will learn a cool technique called neurographic drawing. It’s all about experimenting with shapes and lines to create a unique work of art that’s not only beautiful to look at but encourages the mind to think outside the box. Think of it as turning lines into your child’s own secret language of creativity.

Supplies Provided: No need to worry about art supplies—we’ve got them covered. From paper to pens, everything your young artist needs will be ready and waiting.

It’s Free! We believe that art should be for everyone, and that’s why our Saturday Art Class is absolutely FREE. No hidden costs, just pure creative fun.

Artistic Souvenir: As a bonus, every child who joins our class will receive a special tote bag filled with art supplies to take home. It’s a gift to keep the creative sparks alive.

Who’s Invited: For the specific art activity, children between the ages of 5 to 11. Yet there is no age cut-off for enjoying the art materials, the exhibition, and the gift bag. So, no matter what age, please attend, you will not be disappointed.

RSVP: As we are open to everyone who wants to attend, there is no formal reservation. Yet we love to know who is coming, so if you can, please let us know via email that you plan to attend. 

Location: Ellen Browning Building, 2871 SE Division Street, Portland, OR 97202

Rules: We ask that there be at least one adult for every family of children.

Contact Us: Questions or need more information? Feel free to reach out to us at gallery@ellenbrowningbuilding.com

Let the adventure begin – enroll your child today and watch them transform into a confident, creative, and art-loving explorer!  We hope to see you there!