Hidden in the ocean of colorful fish, octopus, kelp, sea sponges, and other sea life is a most unique creature; the seahorse.

Featuring different species of seahorses and sea dragons across the world, The Sea Hides a Seahorse is a subtle seek-and-find story that journeys underwater to provide a glimpse into the secrets of seahorses as they swim, hide, hunt, court, mate, and more. Included at the back is more information about seahorses and how to support their protection and conservation. 

The Sea Hides a Seahorse is a Lexile-level read designed to grow young readers’ literary skills. Children will not only love finding the seahorse’s hiding spot on the subsequent page, they will also learn engaging information about seahorses, ways to protect marine life and more. 

Several species of seahorses are classified as endangered animals or vulnerable. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of The Sea Hides a Seahorse will be donated to support marine education and seahorse conservation.

You can find all the information on The Collective Book Studio’s website. 



Sara T. Behrman is a children’s book author, technical writer, and former librarian. She loves to travel and, like seahorses, has found her way to all five of the world’s oceans: Arctic, Southern, Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. Sara now lives in Portland, Oregon, which is about 80 miles from the Pacific Ocean.


Melanie specializes in a mixed media style that blends digital and traditional media. Her vibrant color palettes and bold patterns can be found in her illustrations and abstract work. In addition to her picture books, Melanie has worked on projects ranging from greeting cards to puzzles to large-scale murals and wall art. She currently lives in San Francisco, CA, near the beach with her husband and two daughters.

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