Portland is one of the most beautiful and majestic places in the United States. One of the things that you can experience here that can change your life is watching a beautiful sunset with your family. There is a sense of peace and wonder that floods your being and can give you a new appreciation for yourself, life, and those around you. With that in mind, we’ve got the best places for you to experience a beautiful sunset with those you love the most. 

Mocks Crest & Skidmore Bluffs 

This area is simple. There are grassy open areas that make you want to relive the times as a child when you would roll around and see who was the fastest. They also offer shaded areas that would be great for a picnic. But what truly sets this area apart and makes it a fan favorite amongst the locals is the view. It’s a site that runs for miles above the river, and the bluffs are high above Swan Island. If you want to see something that is truly unforgettable, come here. It’s considered to be the best spot for seeing the sunset. One tip, however, is to get here early because so many people like coming to this spot. 

Cathedral Park

Now, there’s a debate on what you should do to get the best view for this spot. The St. John’s Bridge is the factor. You can see the sunset under the bridge or above it, so you may need to come back a few times to make your opinion. You can have a picnic by the river or higher up in the park, but either way, you’ll see the sun as it begins its descent toward the treeline. It makes for a beautiful experience that locals have said is a must-see. 

Eastbank Esplanade

So we’ve mentioned the river a few times, but what if you want something slightly off the beaten path? It’s understandable. Sometimes, we don’t need to be around the bustle and hustle of others and want to experience something quieter and more reflective. If that’s the case, journey to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Ensure you’re ready for a walk or a bike, as the path is about a mile and a half. However, this spot is a great one to check out because there are so many areas where you can watch the sunset. You can also go to the canoe launch and protect it from there. Many, however, choose to watch the sunset from the main section behind the Hawthorne Bridge. 

Rocky Butte 

Rocky Butte is in the northeastern part of Portland. It’s been said that the sunset here can make you feel like you are standing in a castle and watching the sun fade away. It’s a location with a sense of history, with a tunnel, and you’ll see that people love coming here and watching the day pass by. The best day to see the sunset here is on a clear day. However, you can get lucky sometimes on foggy ones. Late afternoon is also when people like to come as you can see the city lights begin to shine as well. Keep in mind that this is a large area. You can bike or picnic here; more than a dozen spots offer a fantastic view. 

Nansen Summit Park

This is one location that you want to take advantage of. Considered a local favorite, you’ll go to the top of the high hills in Lake Oswego. From here, you will find Nansen Summit Park. It’s a quiet location that is both romantic and discreet. When the sun goes down, you can see the sunset on all sides, making you feel like you’re in it, not just experiencing it. Some trees surround you as well, making this truly feel as if you’re inside another world. It’s a unique experience that should be included on your list. 

Experiencing Beauty Like Never Before

There are many lovely areas of Portland to see the sunset. From Vista House to Skidmore Bluffs. However, these five stand out because of the views, the options for having different areas to experience at the end of the day, and the fact that they are all significant areas for families. If you want to take your loved ones to a site full of life and wonder, visit one or all of these areas. In doing so, you’ll take your family on a beautiful adventure that can’t be experienced elsewhere.