Apple picking is a fun thing you can do with your family, and this is a great time to do it. Fall is a great time to break out the comfy blankets and watch the leaves fall, but it’s also the time to go apple picking. You’ll enjoy the experience, take fun pictures with your family, and get the best apples you’ve ever tasted. What could be better?

Douglas Farm 

Douglas Farm is well known for more than its apples. However, the apples are beautiful, tasty, and the best blend of sweet and tart. They recommend these apples for pies, juice, and sauce. The price is terrific for what you need, and you can get a twenty-two-pound lug box for twenty-five dollars. The best part? You’re supporting a fifth-generation family farm!

Draper Girls Country Farm

The Draper Girls Country Farm is going to have you travel about an hour. It’s east of Portland, and they guarantee you will love the apples. The farm also offers areas for picnics and fantastic scenery with views of Mount Adams and Mount Hood. We’d also recommend checking out the animals and the mini trees that make apple picking easier for the little ones. One thing you must do, however, is try the apple cider before you leave and pair it with the dried apples that are coated with a cinnamon sugar mix. 

Mt. View Orchards 

Mt. View Orchards is a farm that you can take advantage of. While it is a little further out at an hour and a half, it was voted one of the top orchards for apple picking in the entire country. It’s also been in business for more than six decades. On weekends, you can get cider donuts that are so flavorful you’ll close your eyes and think you’re in your nana’s kitchen. Another benefit? You can bring your puppies! You’ll have to keep them on the leash at all times, but it’s always fun when they get to come, too. 

Kiyokawa Family Orchards 

Kiyokawa Family Orchards was established over one hundred years ago by Mamoru Kiyokawa. He was a first-generation Japanese American. Mamoru had spent much of his time during World War 2 in an internment camp. He met his wife Michiko there and returned to Hood River Valley in the 1950s. With a wide variety of apples, you’ll find that the price varies depending on your choice. Additionally, their fruit stand is made to accommodate people with disabilities and walking issues. It’s the best place to come for a family business that remains standing despite everything they’ve been through. 

Sherwood Orchards 

Sherwood Orchards has been a fruit orchard for over one hundred and fifty years, making it a genuinely unique landmark. Growing over seventy different kinds of apples is the place to get great fruit. They ask that you bring your containers and invite you to go through all the lanes to ensure you get a good sense of everything they offer. 

Tips For Apple Picking

When you’re ready to go apple picking, remember these tips to ensure that it goes much more smoothly. The first tip we recommend is to call the farms beforehand, as they’ll provide updates on the weather and their availability. Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need closed-toed shoes. If you can, boots are better because of the mud and uneven ground.

Our mothers used to tell us to go to the bathroom before we left (and as a child, we probably sighed and rolled our eyes), and you should ensure that your little ones do this now. Most farms (especially the ones on this list) are large, and you could find yourself at the end of some accidents if you don’t follow Mom’s golden rule. A wagon can also help with tiny legs and let your children rest. You’ll have to call ahead to see if they will let you, but most farms are okay with it. 

The smaller trees will also be better for your children to pick the apples from. You can also find some on the ground, which makes for easy picking if you can’t reach it. The taller trees can cause issues if you don’t have a ladder because some farms will allow them and some don’t. Look for what you can pick more efficiently to avoid slips and falls. 

Have Fun In The Fall!

Fall is a lovely time to experience joy with your families. Whether young or older, apple picking is the best activity to have a great time and see true beauty, share the wonder people can create, and give your children a new mindset about food. So what are you waiting for? Grab your keys and a good pair of shoes, and pick some apples!