One of the best parts of birthday celebrations is the sweets, namely the cake. Portland has dozens of bakeries, so choosing the best place to get the sweet cake confection can be challenging. We are here to help. Let’s take a look at some fantastic places to get the perfect cake for your next birthday bash. 

Classic Fancy Cake

If you are looking for something to appeal to an older crowd, look no further than Papa Haydn. The cakes here are the quintessential classics that we know and love. Carrot cake, chocolate mousse cake, and lemon chiffon cake all comprise the menu here. They also do custom desserts if you don’t find anything you like on the menu. However, the classic cakes might not suit small children. Save those desserts for milestone birthdays like Sweet 16 or graduation parties. Custom is the way to go for a child’s party.  

Cupcake Cravings

The cupcake craze hit its peak several years ago, but many moms and dads prefer handheld desserts to slicing up a cake. Cupcakes from Saint Cupcake can be your saving grace. These cupcakes feature flavors that kids and parents all love. Stick with classic buttercream frosting, or switch it out for a decadent cream cheese delight. The flavor combinations and pairings are nearly endless. 

Food Sensitivities 

If you or your guests have food sensitivities to gluten or are vegan, you want to ensure that you have tasty desserts to share. Piece of Cake Bakery has you covered. The cakes here are not just spectacular; they are award-winning. The specialty cakes come in many flavors, so you aren’t stuck choosing something that your guests are tired of eating. Many vegan/ specialty cakes are limited in flavor profiles, so this bakery should be high on your list. 


If you are looking to help out a baker without a storefront, check out Laurie Clarke Cakes. Though she doesn’t have a storefront, she uses a licensed studio to craft exquisite cakes. As a result, she has a gorgeous portfolio and reasonable prices. 

Hot Takes

Miss Zumstein Cakes & Desserts started like the above baker without a storefront. However, they have had a storefront for a decade and a half. They offer traditional cake/ cookie/ dessert flavors and even have their hot sauce line. Check out this unique bakery and its hot sauce soon. 


If you are looking for desserts other than cakes or complement your cakes, consider giving Decadent Creations a call. They have some fantastic cake flavors, but their cookies, pies, and confections are nothing to scoff at either. Just take a look at their mouth-watering options for inspiration for your next party. 

Tasty Tea Parties

If you want to serve finger foods or your little one wants a fancy tea party, you might choose to serve delicacies found at La Rose Patisserie. If their desserts looked any sweeter, we’d get a cavity just looking at them. But, your little one is sure to feel fancy with these delicious desserts at their celebration. 

Bee-Utiful Cakes

At Bee’s Cakes, you are sure to get a phenomenal cake. She was trained at the San Diego Culinary Institute, and her cakes look like they are real. The dinosaurs have returned to roam your cakes, and Poppy and her friends aren’t cartoons any longer. The children’s cakes will make any little one squeal with delight. Don’t fret if you are looking for an adult cake; they have gardens and chocolate delights in cake form for all of your birthday party needs. 

Season’s Finest

If you are looking for some spectacular seasonal flavors, you can’t go wrong with DB Dessert Company. The custom cakes can be flavored in various ways, but the seasonal flavors are unique and delectable. So give them a call for your cake needs today. 

Cakelets, Cupcakes, and Traditional Cake

If you are looking for a variety of sizes, check out the offerings from Baker and Spice. They offer their traditional cakes in cupcake form for most of them, but a few are available in cakes instead. Flourless cake and carrot cake also appear on their menu. 


The bakery with the longest history on our list is the Helen Barnhardt Bakery, which has been in business for nearly 100 years. If your little one is in love with princesses, they even offer “Barbie” cakes, which are cakes shaped like princesses in dresses. Likewise, volcanoes, tiki huts, and ladybugs are realistic-looking creations in their gallery. Of course, no bakery lasts this long without fantastic cakes and pastries. 

Fabulous Fillings

Jacivas Bakery has a list of fillings that can’t be beaten. From chocolate mint to strawberry preserves, these fillings will satisfy any sweet tooth. In addition, their cake flavors will complement these fillings perfectly. So give them a call to design your perfect cake today. 

Final Thoughts

Portland is prime for bakeries and talented pastry chefs. If you don’t know what you want or how flavors will taste together, talk to the bakery about doing a taste test. Some will offer tastings for any cake order, and other bakeries may only save these for wedding cakes. If you are having a large party, be sure to let the bakery know so that you will have enough cake to feed a crowd. Most places offer multitiered cakes or cupcake options to complement your cake choices. 

Bon Appetit!