It can be challenging to keep kids entertained during the long summer. Endless days of hearing “I’m bored” often drive frazzled parents to spend money on unnecessary toys, expensive days out, and far too many treats!

If you are looking for an activity to keep restless kids entertained and active, why not consider taking them to The Campbell Course Golf Course to try their hand at a round of golf on the specially designed Children’s Course? 

Golf may not be the first activity that comes to mind when coming up with kids’ entertainment and activity ideas, but after a visit to the Children’s Course, you will wish you had thought of it sooner!

Located in a beautiful setting in-between the Clackamas and Willamette Rivers in Greater Portland, The Campbell Course has been in operation since 1961, but it was in 1991 that the founders decided to dedicate the golf course to children – helping them learn to play golf, as well as using the sport to create a positive youth development program. 

The mission of The Campbell Course is to transform the lives of young people through the sport of golf. They provide educational programs that build character, encourage healthier lifestyle choices and instill positive values in the minds of young learners. 

Not only is The Campbell Course a place to partake in a fun, unique activity, but it gives your kids a chance to develop life skills that will set them up for their growing, formative years. 

Let’s examine why The Children’s Course is the perfect place for your child to try golf. 

New Educational Center 

The Campbell Course has a brand-new learning center that can serve up to 1,500 children year-round, three times more than the previous facility. Inside the learning center, there is a multi-purpose room, a classroom, and a conference room ready to teach kids about how to play golf as well as a wide variety of life skills. 

Kids can learn in a safe, friendly environment perfectly designed to host lessons and allow children to have fun simultaneously. 

Kids can take part in classes or golf camps where they can learn the sport alongside their peers, allowing them to develop self-confidence, inner strength, and resilience. 

Partnership With First Tee

The Campbell Course has a dedicated partnership with the international youth development organization called First Tee. They aim to empower kids and teens to be the best version of themselves and to build self-confidence and character through the sport of golf. 

First Tee provides classes, camps, and clinics for kids aged 4-18 years which are run by trained coaches that not only give an introduction to junior golf but enhance confidence, friendships, and essential life skills. 

Kids can take part in fun, interactive learning surrounded by other kids their age in a friendly, safe environment – perfect for single children families who may not have access to other children outside of school hours. 

Keeps Kids Busy and Active 

Unhealthy lifestyles are one of the biggest causes of many lifestyle-related diseases, which can affect many kids as they become adults. With today’s unlimited sedentary entertainment options available such as video games, streaming services, and the internet, it can be hard to encourage children to keep active, especially during the holidays. 

At The Campbell Course, kids are encouraged to enjoy active, healthy social activities that will lead to them developing positive habits regarding exercise. Combined with a fun new sport for them to learn, and a whole host of supportive, trained coaches, kids will be focused on something positive and healthy – setting them up for later life. 

Suitable for a Wide Age-Range 

The Campbell Course offers golf for all ages, from juniors aged four up to adults and seniors, making it a fantastic activity for the entire family. Everyone can get involved in testing out their expertise on this 9-hole course. The best part is that the yardage on the course is perfect for children, not needing to hit that 300-yard drive just to make it to the middle of the fairway.

The learning center and the associated educational partnerships are suitable for kids aged 4-18 years old, meaning that young people of all ages have the chance to take part in the positive youth programs available. It’s a fantastic opportunity for families with kids of varying ages to all participate in the activities – allowing more time for the parents to relax while the kids are cared for!

Educational Programs 

As well as the First Tee partnership, The Campbell Course also offers an educational program called THRIVE for older kids aged 8-18 years who would benefit from the weekly schedule, which includes positive mentorship and a strong sense of community. 

The Campbell Course also offers a Girls Golf Program, which introduces golfing to girls and encourages them to play the game in a supportive and fun environment. Learning golfing and social skills and building self-confidence and character will lead young women to adulthood with the skills and ability to take themselves far. 

The Campbell Course Children’s programs are one of the best activities for young people to take part in, and it is a fantastic activity for the whole family to enjoy during the holidays or on weekends. Combining the golfing sport with fun, support, and exercise, the Campbell Course is the best place to introduce your kids to the world of golf.