Despite all the rain we are getting at the moment, spring is here, and for all kids, that means it’s time to play outside! As all parents know, parks are the best places in the world! Lots of play equipment, safe biking, walking, or scooting paths for everyone. I put together this list for those who might be new to town or simply don’t know the beauty Lake Oswego offers for family park fun.

Westlake Park

Hands down, this is simply the best park around. The cover offers shelter from light rain and sun, which many Oregon parks don’t have. It also provides some seating in a few benches for caretakers, easily accessible bathrooms, a huge field, two baseball fields so multiple games can occur, a basketball court, and tennis courts. As a perk, the local fire station shares a parking lot with the park, so on occasion, you’ll be able to see the fire truck(s) come and go. The firemen also have a training building there, and it’s a kick for all ages to see the training occur. There are two main play structures, one for bigger kids where they climb a “mountain” and have slides and tubes down with attached spinning play, and a smaller one for the toddlers and the like. If you didn’t think this was already neat, there is even an old fashion tire swing that keeps kids of all ages engaged. There is also a newer spinner that is angled so if you jump (or lift up your little), they can hang and spin to their hearts’ content. There is also a shaded picnic area that is ideal for parties too! 

West and East Waluga Park

These parks are separate, but for simplicity, I’m combining them into one since they connect to each other and are only separated by a road. To start, I’ll talk about West Waluga. West Waluga is different in a few ways in that there is a “Fit Spot” that is open for use by the public. Yes, you heard that right-workout in a park! They have 17 different workout machines that you can use right in the park! Everything from abwork to skiing, ellipticals, and leg presses, it is all right there for your use. If you have a furry friend that loves to run, there is a dog park in West Waluga right in the center. While Fido is running, your child can climb around on the play structure too! There is a paved loop right around the dog park that is perfect for biking, scooting, or walking. There is also a full covered picnic spot that has lights and electricity that is perfect for outdoor parties. Parking is plentiful as well, which makes it nice and easy for everyone. Bathrooms are present here.

East Waluga Park is where you will find two lighted baseball fields and some trails that make it nice for those who like to wander in parks. In fact, this park alone is 53 acres in total, so there is much to do and see. There is a stunning play structure towards the front of the park that is accessible for kids of all ages. The fun swing where you can lay down and zip line usually has a line due to its popularity, but it usually moves fast. If you like to have a good BBQ, this park also offers 3 BBQs for use along with picnic benches and tables with restrooms nearby.

George Rogers Park

This park is different from all the above in a very good way. During the summer, this park is extremely busy due to the fact you have the option to play right on the river. This park has many walking trails if that’s your thing. You can walk down straight to the Willamette and swim, float, watch the boaters or even sit up on the green grass up by the Old Iron Furnace and watch all the activity down below. I’ve always described this park as one that has levels-the Willamette down at the bottom level, a grassy field and the Old Iron Furnace as the second level, which is also where you will find the start of the trails. The third level where you park has a stage that kids love to climb and jump off of also has picnic tables and bathrooms. Hidden in here, there are artwork installations that add to the place’s charm. The final and top level has a play structure that is mostly fenced in. There’s only one space that kids can run out of, so eagled-eyed caretakers beware if your child is a runner. The slides are fantastic, and as an incredible perk, there is even a sand area with toys! There are built-in games off to the side and a tremendous ship that children of all ages love to play in and on. If that’s not your thing, there are two tennis courts, bathrooms, a soccer field, and two baseball fields. The upper shelter does offer four picnic tables for use too! 

Foothills Park

Foothills Park is different in that it doesn’t have a play structure, so if more walking as a family is your jam, this is the place to be. The picnic area here is covered, and you have an amphitheater layout with direct views of the Willamette.  Here they also have the Lake Oswego Veterans Memorial, a newer part of the park.  Bathrooms are here, which, as any parent knows, is essential. Here you will also find Roehr Park, which is currently closed for renovations. 

Rossman Park

This park is again different from everything else in that it is perhaps the smallest park in Lake Oswego. As a huge note to parents there are NO restrooms here, so for potty training children avoid this park! There is a small play structure, half-court basketball, a single picnic bench, and a covered shelter.  

Springbrook Park

To add some variety to this list, this park has no play structures of any kind. If you are the kind of family that loves trails, this park is the one for you. This park covers 52 acres and offers natural viewing areas and soft surface walking trails. 

Millennium Plaza Park

This park is different in that while there are no play structures, it offers a view of the bay with benches. There is an operational fireplace, with restrooms attached. This space hosts many community events throughout the year and is close to restaurants. Sometimes this mom gets ice cream from Salt and Straw for a special dessert and then watches the sunset from a bench overlooking the water. There is a small water structure below that is currently not operational. 

Iron Mountain Park

This is one of the newest additions to the park list in town. This nature-centered park has tons of trails that lead up into the woods and a small nature-themed play slide. Restrooms are nearby, with a covered space for caregivers.

Hazelia Field at Luscher Farm

This park has several unique features. There are two dog parks, a playground, and access to trails. This park is unique in that the field is made of artificial turf, the first and only in Lake Oswego. This park also has restrooms and 12 acres to explore. 

While these are the primary parks in town, Lake Oswego offers a plethora of small neighborhood parks as well. This includes Pilkington ParkGlenMorrie ParkGreentree Park, and McNary Park. Not all of these have restrooms, and most are on the smaller side so just be aware! There is a complete list of every park in Lake Oswego here