Do you love bubble tea? Do you call it bubble tea, boba, or milk tea? Whatever you call it…call it delicious. Bubble tea usually has chewy tapioca balls called boba (or they can be called pearls). You need tea (typically black, green, or a fruit tea), you can have milk or no milk (or cream or alternative milk), syrup, boba, and a big fat straw to slurp up the boba. You can also have other toppings like popping boba, jellies, or more. 

In the Portland area, we are so lucky to have many delicious boba shops. In addition, there are so many restaurants, shops, food carts, and more that also offer bubble tea. Keep an eye out for those special places to be found that may not be on this shortlist. There are so many great options out there. 

While it was hard to choose, here are our top 5 boba shops in the Portland Metro Area (listed in no particular order…you get to choose what is your top bubble tea spot).

Auntea Ha

5329 N Interstate Avenue

Portland, OR 97217

This place is not only gorgeous, but it is delicious. You can order online. The online menu has some adorable graphics for their toppings. Auntea Ha has an excellent menu with all the standard drinks. There are a few surprise items as well. Auntea Ha’s website says it is brewed with love. We believe it! Solid boba tea shop to add to your list. 

Brazanga Tea

Several Local Mall Locations

Clackamas Town Center, Lloyd Center, Washington Square Mall

Brazanga Tea is actually a Northwest chain. They started at the Portland Farmers market two decades ago. There are several Oregon and Washington locations. Brazanga’s motto is to “focus on a no-frills bubble tea that tastes really good.” Mission accomplished. They offer a blended version that is not traditional but is oh-so-delicious. 

Bubble N Tea

3496 SW Cedar Hills Boulevard

Beaverton, OR 97005

This place is small and adorable. They have the most unusual drink containers. They are short and stout. They are the perfect vessel for their delightful drinks. They offer some unusual seasonal menu options and flavors (alongside with the traditional menu offerings). They also have homemade grass jelly. 

Milk + Tea

Two Local Locations

4545 SW Angel Avenue 

Beaverton, OR 97005

Mini Store

827 SW 2nd Avenue

Portland, OR 97204​

Milk + Tea is also a small chain, and we are lucky to have two of them in the area. Milk + Tea uses lactose-free milk in their drinks, and they can serve them up in a reusable glass. What is really magical is that they offer something called a Sip N’ Dip. This is a premium drink (a wonderful bubble tea combination) with ice cream on top. WOW! 

Tea Bar

Two Locations

1055 NW Northrup

Portland, OR 97209

4330 SE Division

Portland, OR 97206

This place is GORGEOUS! Aesthetics aside, the drinks are also really tasty. The owner states, “our goal is simple: to make high-quality tea approachable. We offer a curated menu with a focus on less is more. Each drink we offer is made fresh to order. We use absolutely no powders, artificial flavors, or dyes.” The drinks and the shop are both oh-so clean and smooth. Check it out!

We hope this list helps you get your boba fix. However, you can also make boba tea at home. This is a great activity to do as a family. However, keep in mind this is not necessarily a quick recipe. Don’t know where to start? Milk + Tea has an excellent at-home kit you can buy here. Or get all the components at some of our amazing local Asian supermarkets. Here are some suggestions of stores to check out. For at-home milk tea boba, you need tea, tapioca balls (or you could do a popping boba or something else), items to make syrup (here is a great brown sugar syrup recipe), milk or creamer (any ol’ kind you want), and then get whatever toppings that tickle your fancy. 

Did we cover your favorite boba place? Did we miss any? Have you ever made your own boba before? We would love to hear your recommendation or share your favorite recipe!