The rain is back (well, mostly it has returned). Most of us Oregonians are so glad to see the grey skies and feel the wet weather. This is Oregon…it is a part of our DNA. However, it can be so hard to get some movement in when all you want to do is stay inside snuggled up when the weather is dreary. Our bodies and our kids’ bodies need to move. What can we do? 

Here is a list of 20 ways to get your move on. 

1. Dance Party

Turn on your music and start dancing. However, if you want some more ideas of what you can add to the dance party, check out this.

2. Scavenger Hunt

This can be hard to do, but you can make it as hard or as easy as you want. Want help? Check these scavenger hunts. 

3. Red Light, Green Light

Fun and easy game to get you moving. However, if you haven’t played or you don’t remember, here are the rules of the game. 

4. Frog Jumps, Baby Crawls, Kangaroo Jumps, and More

Make up the movement and even have races. Snake slide race? Yes!

5. Airplane Making & Racing

Does this feel like movement? Well, it is! You have to make, throw, and chase the airplanes. Here are some instructions on how to make great airplanes. 

6. Camp Indoors

Another activity that takes a lot of work is setting up the camp. And there are so many activities you can do with indoor camping. Check out ideas here.

7. Yoga

There are a ton of yoga studios around the city. Here is this one, or how about ariel yoga here? Also, for yoga at home, check out this website.

8. Charades

Play charades! That gets you up and moving. Here is a great website to get some charade ideas. 

9. Rebounder

Jump! Jump! Do you have a rebounder (or a mini trampoline)? These are great ways to get the energy out. Here is a list of the best rebounders. 

10. Jump rope

Speaking of jumping, get some jumping ropes. You can get your exercise in and in a straightforward and mobile way. 

11. The Floor is Lava

Don’t touch the floor! Jump from furniture to furniture. How long can you keep it up?

12. Keep the Balloon Up

Now that you have had the floor as lava keep your balloon from falling on the ground. 

13. Hula Hoop

What a fun way to move your body. There are even games you can play with your hula hoops. Look here for the games

14. Hopscotch

Make an indoor hopscotch with painter’s tape. Of course, we have all the details about hopscotch for you here.

15. Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a wonderful way to get out the wiggles and the movement in. Look at the construction process for an indoor obstacle course here.

16. Indoor Mini Golf

Go golfing…indoors! We have covered some indoor miniature golf courses here.

17. Balance

On the ground tightropes, balance beams, or balance stones. You can use rope, painter’s tape, or even get something like this.

18. Bean Bag Toss

Make your own bean bags and create a bean bag toss. Here is a link to make your own bean bags.

19. Take Some Classes

Portland Parks and Recreation and all the area community centers have amazing classes for reasonable prices. There are all sorts of classes to explore for parents and kids. 

20. Go Bowling

Get out of the house and go bowling. Kingpins is a great local bowling alley. Learn more here.

The point is that we want to make sure we have movement. We don’t want our kids to be exercise obsessed; it is more about making sure we keep our bodies moving and healthy, especially when it can be yucky to go outside. However, let’s not let the rain stop us from going out. We are Oregonians; rain won’t make us melt. We still need to walk our dogs. We can still go on walks and hikes. Here is a list of rainy-day hikes here. So move your body with your kids, indoors or outdoors. The most crucial part is that you share time, experiences, and memories together. 

What are your indoor movement strategies? How do you and your family get through the rainy season? We would love to hear from you!