The Pacific Northwest has so much to offer every family. From year-round cascades to flying kites on the beach, here are some excellent day trips to consider! 

As the Pacific Northwest warms up, it’s time to start thinking about all the adventures your family can go on. Oregon is known for its lush green environment, so getting outdoors is a must when it’s time to step away from the daily hustle. Whether you need a Saturday excursion or want to get the kids out of the house, here is a look at a day in the Pacific Northwest that the whole family can enjoy! 

Enjoy Cannon Beach 

Cannon Beach is a must! You can enjoy an entire day’s worth of adventure here through beach access, downtown shops, and kite flying. 

This is an excellent place to let the kids run loose while you enjoy a beverage around a fire. If you need a break from the beach itself, you can head into town and search for souvenirs, sample indulgent chocolates, or visit the family-friendly brewery. 

Visit Multnomah Falls 

Visiting Multnomah Falls is an excellent way for your family to explore the outdoors. Situated only 30 miles outside of downtown Portland, this gem features hiking, lodging, dining, and the ever-popular cascading falls. 

To fully immerse yourself in the experience, consider booking an overnight stay that will allow the family to create memories for years to come. 

Take Advantage of Portland’s Bike Share Program

You can drive around downtown or park your vehicle and walk, but Portland’s bike share program is an exciting way to soak in the Pacific Northwest with your family. A few variations of bikes are available, including a standard bike and adaptive bikes that offer those with disabilities an opportunity to ride. 

Riding a bike through Portland enables the kids to take in their surroundings in a unique way. 

Hike Forest Park 

In the Tualatin Mountains, west of downtown Portland, you can find Forest Park. It’s one of the country’s largest municipal forest reserves and features enough paths and trails to give you a sense of solitude. 

With its convenient location and historical forestland features, Forest Park is an excellent choice for a day in the Pacific Northwest

Discover Oregon Badlands Wilderness 

The Oregon Badlands Wilderness is complete with juniper forests, sandy paths, and lava outcroppings that give you a taste of the Pacific Northwest’s diversity. It’s different from the lush greenery you will find at Multnomah Falls or Forest Park, and it’s a must-visit location for days when the sun is warm, and the sky is clear. 

Some of the most astonishing landforms the PNW offers reside here, including dry river gorges, castle-like basalt formations, and Native American rock art. 

While you could endlessly meander the Pacific Northwest, a day’s worth of exploration is just enough to rejuvenate the entire family and reconnect with nature. There are no limits on adventure because there is something for everyone. And if you miss out on something today, you can always plan another adventure tomorrow!