Christmas is just around the corner. Parents everywhere want to shop for their kids’ gifts, and shopping local is more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has created difficulties for small businesses worldwide. While the convenience of Target, Walmart, and Amazon will likely never be rivaled by small businesses, the personalization that you get from walking into local shops will never be duplicated by these nationwide retailers. Likewise, your dollars stay in your community this way. The community members are benefiting from community dollars. This is definitely a win-win. 

Tinker Toys

Tinker Toys name plays on visions of toys from the past, but their stock is not old-fashioned. They have all the national brands you have come to expect from a quality toy store, but they deliver local customer service. Speaking of delivery, they also offer local delivery to shoppers in the Portland area. Online shopping is easy to navigate, even for the least tech-savvy shopper. If the kid in your life loves old-fashioned toys and role play, they have you covered here too. They also offer great recommendations either by age or interest area. Give Tinker Toys a shot in person or online. 

Posh Baby

If you’re shopping for an infant or young toddler, you might want to give Posh Baby a try. With product lines that rival the best national baby stores, this locally owned store has much more to offer shoppers. An online tour of the store finds many of the same features as those larger stores, but the local atmosphere shines through here too. Online shopping with curbside pickup is an option here if social distancing is high on your list of priorities. Additionally, you can find fantastic brands, a baby registry, and car seat installation. Trust Posh Baby with all your tiny friend needs. 

Kids at Heart

An online search for this store leaves the appearance that it’s not very sophisticated. On the other hand, the fans of this store rave about it. While online shopping isn’t this store’s strong point, unique toys and gifts for children are its forte. They specialize in finding the right gift for your loved one. A phone call or in-person visit finds superior customer service. Even the kids enjoy shopping here. Don’t let their minimal website fool you. These guys know what they are doing. 

Billy Galaxy 

If you loved your childhood toys and want to bring that same joy to a child in your life, Billy Galaxy is a must-stop toy shop. This shop offers vintage games and toys that you know and love. If you have an older kid in your life, you can even give them a great collectible that might stay in mint condition. Marvel and DC Comics are fan favorites, and the comic books are highly sought after by this retailer. An eBay store is also available if you can’t make it inside. 

Finnegan Toys

Any web search of Portland toy shops finds this toy store at the top of the results. This is a well-deserved title. They are temporarily a homeless store, but they are still filling online and phone orders. They also offer local pickups, so you don’t have to wait on the item to make it to you in the mail or by shipper. You can shop online and ask questions of their great staff. They have similar selections to all of the other local stores, and their customer service is unparalleled. 

Oodles of Toys

As their name suggests, they have oodles of toys! This toy store offers an excellent toy selection with an even better local vibe. They are doing their best to cope with the changes that have come with this pandemic. They have worked hard to offer private or reduced traffic shopping, personal experiences, and unique toys. We suggest giving them a call to make an appointment for a shopping time. 

Hammer and Jacks

This store seems to have it all. The selection of toys is unbeatable and unique. In addition to the fantastic toys, this store also gives its online shoppers fantastic recommendations for toys be age group. Their in-person staff is equally as knowledgeable. Hammer and Jacks know what kids like, and their party supplies can help make their birthdays and other celebrations unforgettable. Shopping in this store will not disappoint you. Your kids can even create a wish list on the website. 

SpielWerk Toys

This toy store showcases the retro-old-fashioned toys that leave electronics in the dust. These toys are often the old-fashioned wooden relics that grandparents or great-grandparents enjoyed. Don’t let your kids grow up without some “kid-powered” toys from a great shop like SpielWerk. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what kinds of toys you seek, Portland has a fantastic toy shop to find them. Old-fashioned, retro, and modern toys all find their places in this fantastic city. Whether you are looking for in-person or online shopping, Portland shops will not disappoint. If you can’t find what you want, pick up the phone and call your favorite shop for some personalized assistance. Happy shopping.