October has arrived, and with it, all the Halloween decorations and costumes! But what should your little ones be for Halloween in 2021? For children in kindergarten to second grade, trick or treating is the most exciting adventure. We’ve had a rough couple of years, so make it up to them this year by getting them one of the trendiest Halloween costumes.

So, which ones are ultra-hot right now?

– Elsa from Frozen 2

As Queen Elsa, this costume goes a bit more extravagant than the original. It seems like Frozen has been around for ages, but with Frozen 2, the little ones are still enamored. Plus, this version is a bit more deluxe, which is ideal for cooler weather. 

– Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are still a hot item, especially for preschool and elementary-aged boys. Check the temperatures for Halloween, and you’ll be pleased that this warm costume will keep your favorite little goblin cozy. Whether you go with the T-Rex that has been popular in recent years or Rex from Toy Story, anyone that loves dinosaurs is going to be thrilled to wear it!

– Baby Yoda

Overload of cuteness it is with Baby Yoda! Since the Star Wars Mandalorian series is so popular, you can bet that this costume is one that both boys and girls will want to be! The robe has little Baby Yoda hands attached to it too and will provide plenty of warmth while roaming the streets in search of candy. 

– Baby Shark 

For littler ones, baby shark is a great idea. If the catchy tune is already in your head, get ready for it to stay there forever with the “Baby shark do do do do do” playing from the built-in sound chip. Don’t worry … you have to press it to activate it. Even without sound, this is one adorable costume!

– Sloth

Sloths have been having a moment in popularity in recent years. So what if they’re slow? They’re cute and sweet. There are different versions of this trendy kids’ costume, with some being made from thicker material, perfect for chilly weather. Others are thinner but allow for easy layering underneath, making this popular costume choice for kids something moms approve of too!

– Pirate

In 2021, pirates still rule the Halloween scene. Since there are pirate costumes for both girls and boys in the grades K-2, you’ll find plenty of options for your swashbuckling squad to pillage the neighborhood of its candy!

– Minecraft

Got a kid that talks Minecraft nonstop? Now they can BE in Minecraft with this armor costume. Depending on the costume you choose, you may have a plastic or foam headpiece to go with the soft armor suit with dimensional flair!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with letting your child pick out what they love most for Halloween. There are so many ways they can dress up in 2021 to score the ultimate stash of treats from scary to sweet!