Most birds are afraid to leave the nest. Egret is afraid to leave his cow. In a pasture near the sea, a herd of cows and a flock of egrets live in a peaceful symbiosis. Each day, the egrets will fly out and explore the world outside of the pasture. All except for one. Anxious flyer Egret is afraid that if he leaves his friend Cow, he won’t be able to find his way back to her. 

Determined that her friend should experience the same fun and wonder as the rest of his flock, Cow must learn how to make herself stand out so that Egret can better fit in. Where’s My Cow? is a delightful, witty story for those readers who struggle with separation anxiety, or leaving parents as they toggle between virtual and in-person learning. 

Susan Blackaby has written numerous children’s books, and she was inspired to write Where’s My Cow? after observing the relationship between egrets and cows on a vacation to Hawaii. She lives in Mosier, Oregon.

Scott Brundage’s children’s books include Where’d My Jo Go? and The First Men Who Went to the Moon. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Learn more about Scott at