One of the best ways for everyone to get what they want is to treat your family to some food carts. Everyone can pick the cart that caters to their cravings for the day. However, since they are limited in choices, finding one that will appeal to children can seem difficult. Luckily, we have found a few that will put a smile on your kids’ faces and food in their tummies.

Starchy and Husk

According to several reviews, they consider themselves a gourmet food truck, but they have killer mac and cheese. You will be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn’t enjoy a good mac and cheese. These toppings are outrageously delicious.

Smaaken Waffles

Waffles are delicious no matter how old you are. They aren’t just for breakfast anymore either. Even if your children have diet restrictions like gluten-free or vegan/ vegetarian, this waffle cart has the waffles for you.

Potato Champion

Like mac and cheese and waffles, fries are a top ten food for most kids. This fry cart specializes in fry toppings and even offers poutine—a dish our northern neighbors swear is the BEST way to eat fries.

Burger Stevens

This food cart may seem to cater to larger appetites, but you should check out their snacks and double snacks. Kid-friendly toppings on the snacks mean less picking off stuff they won’t eat. 

22 Below

Rolled ice cream and bubble tea are pretty popular right now. Kids will love watching these delightful desserts and drinks being made. The menu is quite a bit larger than many other carts because most of them are made on the spot combining flavors to base products. Kids will be enamored.

A Taste of Greek

This food cart has some of the best reviews on Google. They have inexpensive gyros, and their entire menu features delicious Greek cuisine. Wraps, falafel, and fries will bring smiles to your families.

Pie Spot

Dessert is always a favorite for children. However, Pie Spot has more than just desserts. They also have savory breakfast and dinner pies that can feed or dessert pies to make your children’s sweet tooth sing. Of course, non-pie food is also available if you wish.

 Stretch the Noodle

Food with a show is always fun. But, when the show is food, it can be even more fun for the whole family. Watch these chefs stretch Chinese-style noodles for delicious dishes. Chinese pancakes also top the menu for those who don’t want noodles. Check out this unique food truck and the talented chefs.

Flew the Coop

Many kids love chicken, and chicken and waffles are even more appealing meals. This food truck has some delicious combinations for the whole family. Don’t forget the fries.

Fried Egg, I’m in Love

This might remind you of a Cure song title for all you parents. It seems to be kicked up egg dishes that might be off-putting to children at first. Take one moment to peruse their menu, though, and you will probably find something your kids will love. These dishes have unique names for fantastic combinations.

Mumbo Gumbo

This food cart seems to have arrived straight from the bayou. New Orleans favorites on the Portland streets! Shrimp and grits might be more of an adult fave in some families, but gumbo with a little banana pudding on the side can be a great pick me up on a chilly day for any kid.

Hapa Howies

Your kids will think they have flown off to Hawaii for this cart. Brisket, spam, and island-inspired hamburgers all show up on this menu.

Arlo’s Fish and Chips

If you like British pub fare, Arlo’s is the place for you. Kids tend to love the deep-fried goodness that comes with these menus. While this menu isn’t extensive, it still sets our mouths watering.

Burrito Mojado

Tacos seem to be the original street fare. Mexican food, in general, tends to be quite mobile. So pick up some delicious burritos, tacos, or tortas for a delicious, fast meal today.

Dr. Philly Cheesesteak

Cheesesteaks are delicious, and if the pictures of these are any indication, these are to die for. Your kids are sure to love the comfort food flavors offered by Dr. Philly Cheesesteak.

Farmer and the Beast

These burgers are beast-sized, but the little beast looks kid-sized. Bring your appetites for burgers, toppings, and sides that are farm fresh and mouth-watering. There are even vegan options if grilled meat isn’t your thing.

Crave Creperie

This crepe stand has both sweet and savory options. They fold nicely so that eating outdoors isn’t so intimidating. The artistry that goes into these folded delicacies is unbeatable. They also have a lavender lemonade that might help the kids chill out on a hot day.

Havana Station

The Cuban food at this food cart looks spectacular. Tostones de Plantano are better than potato chips, and they top their appetizer menu. Of course, you can’t go wrong with Cuban sandwiches either!

Final Thoughts

Some of these food carts don’t cater directly to children, but they specialize in flavors that children crave. If you have heard of a great new food cart around the city, check out their menu. Most of them will have something your children will dig right into. We have tried to capture different carts from around the city so that no matter where you are, you can find something that you love. Bon Appetite!

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