I was asked this question the other day, and I had to really check myself. It’s so important for our kids to know the truth about our country. If not for a couple of guys back in the late 1700’s we would still be under the authority of Great Britain.

Much like our current day festivals, cannons, bonfires, and muskets were fired in honor of our freedom. Speeches were given declaring our independence as a country. Had things gone differently, King George the third would have continued his reign, and there would be no America. Kids need to hear the truth about the terrible atrocities we have committed in this country. Our kids need to know that hatred and revenge lie in the fabric of every human heart regardless of status or skin color. When you go to other countries, you see how really un- free they are.

We are so fortunate to live here. This is still the greatest country in the world. Our kids need to know that our freedom was obtained because many people died for it. Lots of people are still dying today to defend it. Unfortunately, we have abused our power of freedom throughout history as well. It’s so important to educate our kids in the direction of balance. Freedom comes with great responsibility and moral ethics. Our kids are the future. They are our extension of sustainable balance for all humans in the generations to come. It’s our job to teach them how to love and create peace. So why does the Fourth of July really matter? It’s our daily opportunity to use our freedom to conduct productive and efficient good to anyone and everyone.

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