The last few years have been challenging. Beginning in 2020, the US experienced lockdowns and mask mandates that made going out more of a challenge. Many people stayed home to minimize their risk of catching COVID-19. Additionally, people decided to start spending less time with others at home. Now, places are starting to reopen, and people are planning family gatherings again. This year, you may want to give your dad something extra special, especially if he’s been working from home and isolating. Many of the following gifts still allow for social distancing. 

Tea Tasting

If dad is still trying to isolate, a virtual tea tasting might be ideal. Smith Teamaker is offering virtual tea tastings. They will ship six samples to brew before the event. On the day of the event, dad can connect to a zoom meeting. You can participate with him at home without exposing each other to COVID! 

Cooking Classes

Basics Markets are also offering online cooking classes. They hope to be offering in-person cooking classes shortly, but for now, sign dad up for a cooking class and help him in the kitchen. There’s even a BBQ ribs class in June to get things going. 

Have S’more

Give dad a grilling break while still enjoying the backyard. A firepit and some s’mores are a perfect dessert for a summer night. For gourmet s’mores, 1927 S’mores has some fantastic kit options. They even have “City Bonfires” for anyone who can’t build a fire in the backyard. 

Personalized Grilling Tools

Many dads love the grill. They like to be outdoors cooking delicious food over a flame. To do this properly, they need spectacular grilling tools. What better gift than a personalized set that they can claim as theirs alone? This set won’t break the bank and is stylish too! 

Host A Movie Marathon

Let Dad choose a day of his favorite movies. Order delivery and pop popcorn. With all of the streaming services available, surely you can stream his choices. If not, don’t fear. You might already own them on DVD or know someone who does. Likewise, if your local library is allowing checkouts of physical materials, you might be able to borrow them. Some libraries are offering this service as a contactless pickup, so check with your local library. Multnomah County libraries are reopening on June 1. 


An adult will have to help with this gift, but dads who like to have an after-dinner drink will likely love this gift. Flaviar has tasting boxes available to test a few samples of world-class whiskey and spirits. If the dad in your life is already a fan of these upscale drinks, you can always purchase a quarterly subscription. Check out the different flavors before committing to a subscription, then enjoy quarterly gifts for dad. 

Spice Up Dad’s Grill

Some dads do not want whiskey, but they still love cooking or grilling. Some dads are master chefs at the stove or outdoors. Give dad the gift of seasonings. This pack gives dad spice blends from around the world and staples for any kitchen or grill. 


Many dads are great fix it fellas. If you have a handyman at home, consider updating some of his tools. There’s usually something that he’s missing. Don’t forget to shop at locally-owned hardware stores like W.C. Winks when finding dad the perfect hammer or drill. 

Go Fly a Plane

If your favorite dad is still a kid at heart, consider this smartphone-controlled paper airplane. This gift could mean hours of fun with dad and the kids. Bonding time has never been so much fun. What kid doesn’t love to make paper airplanes? These can fly higher than any others. 

Home Plate 

If dad is an avid baseball fan, give him a personalized home plate! This gift is especially great for a dad who played in high school or college. Let him relive his glory days by giving him this artwork with his name and number! If he wasn’t a player but has a favorite, give him a plate with his name and player’s number. This gift is like no other! 

The Gift of Music

These Bluetooth speakers can connect to dad’s smartphone and play all of his favorite tunes. Its wood design makes it more elegant than typical Bluetooth speakers. It also has fantastic reviews and woofers to make his “oldies” sound great. Be sure you don’t call his music oldies in front of him. The 80s weren’t that long ago! 

Stadium Picture Frame

We suggested a home plate that can be displayed in the office. However, not every dad is a baseball fan, and that gift can be a little pricey for some. A great alternative is this super cool 3D stadium picture frame. Choose from college sports, baseball, hockey, or football. 

A Great Pen

Dads need fantastic pens to write notes and sign school forms. If dad doesn’t have a wonderful fountain pen, consider this Pilot fountain pen. It is both affordable and sleek. Dad is sure to like this elegant writing utensil. 

Final Thoughts

Dad is sure to like anything you get him. Don’t forget that quality time playing games is also a great gift. Dads want their children to be happy. Spend some time letting the dad in your life know how important he is. Put your photo in the picture frame or a photo from a favorite event. Choose a subscription service that sends something of meaning for the two of you. As long as it’s a heartfelt gift, dad will love it!