Mother’s Day is approaching fast. This year, the holiday is on Sunday, May 9th. Although risk levels around Oregon are high, some restaurants are available for dine-in at limited capacity. Some people like to do “breakfast in bed” for the moms in their life, while others like to eat at restaurants. “OpenTable” has a list of Oregon restaurants featuring either brunches or specials for Mother’s Day. Here is the list:

The restaurants on the list each have a few time slots open for reservations; most of them seem to be in the evening hours. If they are too far, or you can’t grab a reservation, don’t fret! There are still plenty of opportunities to eat out (or take food to go!) and spoil the mom in your life. 

Food carts are plentiful, especially now that there are places that group several different food carts together. Happy Valley Station is one of my favorites. They have 18 different food carts and a great covered area. Here is the link:

If all the fancy-schmancy restaurants are unavailable, dine-in pizza is an option. Stark Street Pizza Company is open for dine-in. They have a great, traditional setting and have delicious pizza. Here is the link:

Maybe skip the entrees and take mom out for dessert? Papa Haydn is offering special “Mother’s Day Treats” that can be ordered May 2nd to be picked up May 8th or 9th. They offer a large variety of cakes and a “Mother’s Day Treat Box” with 4 different types of dessert. Aside from the specials, they have their usual array of goodies. They are also taking reservations for limited dine-in and patio seating. Here is the link:

If your heart is set on brunch, but you can’t get to a restaurant, Pine State Biscuits is offering “Brunch Kits.” The website boasts that the ingredients and instructions are so easy to understand, even kids can put these meals together. One of the brunches is blueberry cornmeal pancakes, and the others look like different variations of biscuits and gravy (sausage and shitake gravy), yum! A great idea for Mother’s Day! Here is the link to their meal kits:

How about Barbecue? Matt’s BBQ/Matt’s BBQ Tacos is a staple in our household. It is a tradition for my kids and me to pick up some of Matt’s BBQ tacos for my husband on holidays and his birthday. He is always thrilled. I know some moms out there would be excited for some good, ready-to-go, barbecued food on Mother’s Day. They offer meats like pulled pork, sliced brisket, chopped brisket, turkey breast, ribs, sausage, or pork belly burnt ends by the pound. They also have delicious sides and stellar tacos. This would be a nice treat for Mother’s Day. A whole lotta good barbecue food with no prep, grilling, or clean-up. Here is the link:

One of my favorite quotes about food is, “Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” (Ian D. Wolfelt). As a mom, I can tell you that I would love to be spoiled with food that I didn’t have to shop for, prepare, or clean up after Mother’s Day! I would love to be taken out to eat or to have delicious food brought to me. Last year, my kids brought me a delicious breakfast in bed and then brought me out to eat in the evening. It is nice not to think about food prep for a day, ha-ha. Best of luck to you all in finding great, local food for the mama/mamas in your world. 

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