You probably think that your mom or the mother of your children is the best in the world. She works hard to take care of you and your family. She deserves the best of the best, and you want to make all of her dreams come true. Take it from us: she wants to feel loved and appreciated. However, when you are in the market for a great gift, there are a few options that you might consider. 


Jewels are often purchased to mimic how your loved one sparkles in your eyes. However, choosing jewelry for the special mom in your life can be tricky. Here are just a few options that might make her happy and some places to get them. 

Mother’s Rings or Necklaces

For an extra special mother or grandmother in your life, a mother’s ring or grandmother’s ring (or necklace) might be an option. Consider jewelers like Lake Oswego Jewelers or national jewelers like Kay for your needs. They can often fashion a ring that will make mom’s heart melt. 

Other Jewelry

Moms rarely spend money on themselves, and earrings and necklaces do not have to be extravagant. Of course, you can spend thousands of dollars on any jewelry, but a nice set of birthstone earrings might be just as preferable. If you have more than one child, she might appreciate one set of earrings to represent each child. She might also like just a small set of pearl earrings. 

Handmade Gifts

Every mom has cute gifts their children made them from the time they were toddlers, it seems. However, handmade gifts do not have to be macaroni art on construction paper. Get creative with these gifts. 

Plastic Canvas Art

The plastic canvas used to be quite popular and has fallen out of fashion in the last few decades, but it can be pretty fun for little hands. Let your child make bookmarks for mom’s favorite cookbook or her currently reading novel. Likewise, canvas shapes can also be created to decorate mom’s office walls. While this is an activity for an older child, the supplies are pretty easy to locate at your local craft or hobby store. 


One fabulous way for little children to get in on the handmade gifts is to paint something for mom. The beauty of paint your own pottery studios like Mimosa Studios in Portland or Create a Memory in Salem is that you can be as creative as you want. You can create something personal for mom, and if you get creative, it can also be functional. Painting a coffee mug might be the thing mom needs for a pick-me-up in the morning. Tiles can also be made into coasters or collected to create a one-of-a-kind tabletop. 


Moms also enjoy experiences that they don’t usually get to have. A great brunch or trip to a museum is often appreciated. Meals out are often welcomed by hardworking stay-at-home moms who cook and clean day after day. 

Pfeiffer Winery’s Mother’s Day Brunch

Mom could probably use a good glass of wine and relaxing brunch. Make reservations now to treat her to this special event. Show her that to recognize all the hard work she puts into raising her family. 

Mother’s Bistro and Bar

If a winery isn’t mom’s thing, consider a brunch at the newly reopened Mother’s Bistro and Bar in Portland. It offers a unique menu and even celebrates a MOM (mother of the month). What better place to celebrate the wonderful mom in your life? 


Giving Mom flowers doesn’t have to be a cut bouquet. A beautiful potted plant or tree might also do her some good. Here are a few ideas for moms who love flowers and plants. 

Plant a Garden of Flowers

Plant a garden of all of mom’s favorite flowers. This might not be able to be kept secret, but with some creativity, she won’t know that the garden is to be dedicated to her until she sees all her favorite flowers growing just for her. Don’t leave her to tend it later, either! Help her keep it looking as lovely as she is. 

Plant an Herb Garden 

If your mom loves fresh herbs in her cooking, consider starting an herb garden. This is a great idea, even if space is limited. Windowsill herb gardens are perfect for apartment living. Consider a more substantial herb and vegetable garden if you have more space. 

Gather Flowers from Nature

If there is an area or friend who might let you pillage their gardens, consider picking mom a bouquet from the neighborhood. If this isn’t possible, you might even be able to contact a florist about using one or two sprigs of several favorite flowers. Be sure that they have meaning for mom! 

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of more gifts that moms will love. Handmade art, baked goods, heartfelt cards, and family portraits all tend to rand high on a mother’s list of cherished items. The most important thing you can do is provide mom with a gift from the heart. Ensure that the gift is representative of her love for you and your love for her. Small children and adult children alike can make mom’s heart smile with the right gift. Sometimes, the best gifts are those that money can’t buy. A day without laundry, fighting, or cooking can be just as welcomed as the most extravagant piece of jewelry. Be sure that the moms in your life know that, above all, they are loved and appreciated. 

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