St. Patrick’s Day celebrations can be fun for children and families. This year, it can be challenging to find the right event for your family while keeping them safe. There are many things you can do at home or in public, but you should be sure to follow safety protocols wherever you are. 

Virtual Events

While you can venture out, sometimes the weather is bad, or you do not want to be in a large crowd. These virtual events are perfect for a St. Patty’s Day inside. 

Rhythm of the Dance Livestream

The Rhythm of the Dance is exciting to watch. It incorporates excellent music and dancing from Ireland into your day. The live stream is available from March 15th at 10am through March 21st.

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers

This rocking bagpipes group gives a fantastic performance. You can register up to March 11th and watch any time until the 14th. While it may be a few days early, it will help your family gear up for a great St. Patrick’s Day. Click “Buy Now,” but tickets are free! 

Dublin’s Virtual Festival

The Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been canceled due to COVID once again. However, instead of scrapping the whole thing, Dublin has decided to go virtual. This is sure to be an exciting week of events! 

Phoenix Virtual Parade

Catch a virtual parade from the US. Phoenix will be broadcasting their parade virtually this year, as well. Check out the broadcast link for an event that partners with the Irish Cultural Center. 

Virtual Runs

There are many 5ks and fun runs scheduled worldwide for St. Patrick’s Day. Check this one out from Portland! Proceeds benefit OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

Northwest In-Person Events

Sometimes, you just want to get out and see the world. This year, there are some great events that might make your St. Patrick’s Day perfect. 

Paddy’s 2021 St. Patrick’s Day Festival

Not only is this festival great fun, but it also benefits the Children’s Cancer Association. Come early, though, because there is limited access this year in the interest of social distancing. 

St. Patrick’s Day Festival at Anderson School

This festival is fun for the whole family. Irish food and drink will be served, and there will live music in the courtyard and Haynes’ Hall. Enjoy Celtic rock by Stark Raving Plaid from 4-7.

St Patrick’s Day Celebration at Edgefield

There are dozens of events that might interest you on the McMenamins website. Another great event is the one at Edgefield. There are great food and drink specials and lots of live entertainment with dancers and musicians.

Make Your Own Leprechaun Trap

A fun activity for the kids is making their own leprechaun trap. This event takes place at Venvino Art Studios in Happy Valley. Can you come up with the best trap? Leprechauns are sneaky. 

Dirty Leprechaun 5k and 10k Mud Run

If you love a good mud run and don’t want to do it virtually, check out this option. The kids can even participate in a 1.1-mile obstacle course. Get the energy out at this great family event. 

Fun Things to Do at Home

If you still want things to do when you have done all of the virtual events but don’t want to be in a crowd, there are dozens of things you can do at home to celebrate. 

Hunt Four-Leaf Clovers

Head outside for a four-leaf clover hunt. Some lawns will have more clovers than others, but you can see who finds the most or can find one the fastest. This game may never end. Some kids will always hunt them after playing once. 

Wear Green

See which family member can wear the most green items or the most shades of green. Look for creative green clothing like scarves or hats to finish off your look! 

Decorate Shamrock Cookies

Shamrock cookie cutters should be pretty easy to find. Bake cookies and decorate the shamrocks. If you have older kids, bake circular cookies and let them draw rainbows or shamrocks on them! 

Green Peppermint Shakes

McDonald’s seems to have cornered the market on shamrock shakes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own at home. Mint chip ice cream and some food coloring will make this milkshake delicious. 

Learn Irish Dancing

Take to YouTube or Google to find some fabulous how-tos on Irish dancing. It’s bound to be hilarious for the little ones to watch mom trip over her own two feet. See if you can master a few steps by St. Patrick’s Day. You could even perform a recital for the family! 

Read Irish Authors

Find a variety of Irish authors, from poets like Yeats or Becket to children’s book authors such as Kate Thompson or Oliver Jeffers. See if you can find a virtually unknown author to expose your family to new favorites. 

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of things to do at home, virtually, or in Oregon communities. Be sure to throw a geography lesson or two in for good measure. Children learn a lot from the activities they do with their families. School environments are great, but they can only provide so much cultural exposure within their walls. Take a virtual tour of an Irish museum to kick off your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Many of the above activities take place before St. Patrick’s Day or throughout the week. Try a variety of activities to find the most fun for your family.