Valentine’s Day is often a fun holiday for children. Young children enjoy spending time together, making crafts, and eating sweets, especially. It can sometimes be challenging to find appropriate gifts for them to give each other. Keep in mind that gifts do not need to be expensive or complicated. You can find the perfect gift for your children to give their friends.

DIY Options

Making valentines is always something you can do to make gifts more personal. Children usually enjoy making valentines for their friends. Here are a few unique things that you can do at home to make great valentines for your children’s friends. You might even mix and match them to personalize the gifts more.

Slime Time

Your child’s friends are probably already huge fans of messy toys. Most kids love slime, playdough, and art supplies. Creating red, clear, or pink slime can give Valentines a new texture this year. It’s also great for sensory play!

Rockin’ Messages

Your children can tell their friends they rock! These rock messages are a popular way for kids to be creative with the things around them. Collect or purchase some smooth rocks around the same size and personalize them for each friend.

You Color My World

Children love to color. Now, they can have their own unique crayons and coloring pad. These uniquely shaped crayons can be created from all those broken crayons around the house. If you do not have enough, buy a few packs and break them up.

Mark My Word

Once children are beginning to read chapter books, they need to have great bookmarks. Even younger children with storybooks may want to mark their favorite stories. They are simple bookmarks that can be made with minimal supplies too!

What You Dough to Me

It’s no secret that children love playdough. This cinnamon glitter DIY playdough screams Valentine’s Day. It is easy for your little one to make, and it will be fantastic for their hand strength.


Sometimes DIY projects take more time than you have. You can still purchase commercial products and customize them with printable cards. Here are a few heartwarming ideas.

On the Write Page

These awesome pencil cards are simple to print and cut out. Choose some fancy Valentine’s pencils, or just red and white will do the trick. Your preschooler might not want pencils, but your first or second grader will be grateful. Use mechanical pencils as well.

My Heart Bubbles Over

What kid doesn’t like bubbles? Parents may not be as fond, but kids would love to play with bubbles every Day. Give some bubbles with cute toppers to your bubbly friends! You can use the small pen style bubbles for large classes or regular bottles of bubbles if your class is small.

You Rule My World

These ruler sleeves are cute and functional. Every child needs a good ruler, and these are inexpensive gifts you can give the whole class. The printables are easy to make and slip the ruler into.

You Light Up My World

Glow sticks are a hit with most kids. Your children can tell their friends that they are the light of their small worlds with these easy printables. Be a bright spot in your friends’ days.

Our Future Is Bright

These cool sunglasses are perfect for your smartie pants friends. Their future is bright—they gotta wear shades! These cute printables make fantastic gifts for your children to give away. They are a unique idea.


Silly straws are always a great hit at parties. These cute straw printables fit with any silly straw or character straw you might choose.


Parents are often hesitant to give food for Valentine’s Day. Some schools do not allow food-related gifts. Find out what your school allows and if there are allergies in the classroom before using any of the following ideas.

Owl Be a Sucker for You

Kids love candy. One of the easiest DIY Valentine’s gifts is a sucker card. Make these cute owl cards with your children and add a sucker. Their friends will love them.

My Main Squeeze

Applesauce and yogurt pouches are popular with the smaller crowd because they can easily open and close them. They fit easily into tiny hands, too! These printables are great for your kids’ main squeeze.

Too Cool for School

If you live in a warmer area, these freeze pop Valentines with a Frozen theme will warm their hearts. Your kids can bring Olaf and some cool treats to school. Don’t freeze them first. They can freeze them at home.

Beary Good Friends

Gummy treats are a class favorite, I am sure! Show your kids’ friends that they are Beary important in your lives. These gummy bear printables are sure to please.

You’ve Got Me Hooked

Goldfish are a favorite finger food for kids of all ages. Your kids’ friends will be hooked on these gifts. Many adults would be too!

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is a great time to tell friends, family, and teachers how much they mean to you. Gifts do not need to be expensive; they need to come from the heart. Let your child choose one or more of these for their friends in class. Be sure that when giving gifts with small parts or food that they are age-appropriate. If you are using the food ideas, it is imperative that you ensure the kids have no allergies. It’s never fun to get a gift that you cannot use because it will make you sick. If giving chocolates or candies, be sure that they are not made on allergy cross-contaminated machines. I typically opt for non-food-related gifts anyway. For family members, you might have more information about allergies. Feel free to give those gifts to family members. With the gifts listed here, your child is sure to be the love of the party.

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