It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season! Christmas is just a couple of weeks away. Families are figuring out how to celebrate in what’s been a crazy year. We’re planning meals and doing last-minute shopping. My favorite part of Christmas shopping is finding the perfect stocking stuffers for my children. 

There are a few items that we do every year. Stockings always have candy canes and then plastic candy canes filled with the kids’ favorite candy. Each year, everyone in the family gets an ornament. I work to find just the right one and have it personalized with their name and the year. It’s a special memento to remember what they were into that year. It also allows me to support small businesses – I shop with local crafters to find just the right piece. 

I like to find fun and unique items for each stocking. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve found this year.

Flipbook Kits

We are really into dinosaurs this year. I found these cute little flipbook kits at Uncommon Goods. The books are available in dinosaurs, robots, and butterfly themes. There are two books, markers and clips. Color, clip, and flip!

Imagine Ink Coloring Books

These coloring books are favorites of our kids. The marker doesn’t work on regular paper, just in this magical coloring book. Suddenly, the paper transforms from plain to a beautiful picture! The books are available in many options, so you can find one that your kids will love. 

Hair Ties

Scrunchies have made a comeback, but we love Invisibobbles even more. These hair ties don’t stretch out, tangle, or leave marks on your hair. They can also double as a cute bracelet on your wrist, so you’re never without a hair tie. They’re so great, you may even want to steal one from your kiddo!

Bath Drops

We love baths and anything that makes them colorful or bubbly. These Crayola Color Bath Dropz turn the bathwater into bright and beautiful colors. Kids can drop one (or a few!) in the tub and watch it change colors. These are great for parents, too- they don’t stain the tub!

Lego Dots

Do you have a child who loves to get creative? LEGO has come out with a new line of DIY-themed products called LEGO dots. Kids can create art- accessories, and room décor items with these tiny tiles. They are available in sets, and you can also purchase smaller bags of extra tiles to keep the creativity flowing. 

Mystery Bags

If you’ve been on YouTube any time recently, you’ve likely seen one of the latest crazes – mystery bags. There are thousands of videos of YouTubers unboxing and opening these bags of toys. Available in just about any theme, the bags come in a dark color, so you can’t see what’s inside. Kids open them up and get a special themed surprise. The toys inside are usually a limited edition collection, which makes unwrapping them even more fun!

Kindness Kits

2020 has been a tough year for us all. However, we’ve also seen an incredible display of kindness to one another around the world. Get your kids in on the action with this kindness kit. The cards come with 26 different random acts of kindness that your kids can do and record. It’s a great gift to receive and lets your child pay it forward!

That wraps up some of our favorite stocking stuffers for this year’s holiday season. There are so many more to choose from. You can find fun stocking stuffers for just about any hobby or interest. What are some of your favorite items to put in your kids’ stockings?