I just scheduled a “virtual visit from Santa” for my two kiddos. Below are a few different options. A service popped up on my Facebook feed, I checked it out, and it took about two seconds for me to decide to book it. What a great idea! The advertising really got me when the company compared the benefits of a virtual visit to a traditional visit. No lines, more quality time with Santa, and a keepsake video. They even added “extras” for purchase like a letter from Santa and special bracelets that would be mailed before the visit. The pandemic has prompted many to alter their traditions into activities that are safe, and Santa is no exception. Here are a few suggestions for safe interaction with Santa this year (We went with Santa’s Club, but they all sound great!) 

Santa’s Club-

Santa’s Club offers three options 1) a pre-recorded video for your kiddos from Santa 2) a video call that lasts around 5 minutes 3) a video call and a letter and bracelet mailed before the video call. You get to keep the video! I believe they email it to you after the visit. Appointments are available until December 18th.

Mr. Kringle and Company-

This company is in Ohio, but there are options for an e-visit or a letter. For the video call, you choose by time duration 1) pre-recorded message 2-3 minutes long 2) classic streaming 6-8 minutes or 3) deluxe visit 8-10 minutes. For the letter, families can choose the template and how fast you would like the letter to arrive.

Santa Clause Virtual Visits-

So, it turns out this Santa is famous! He has been featured in over 80 TV shows and commercials. The website boasts the people he has made personal appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s music video, “You Make it Feel like Christmas”, and even Beverly Hills 2! They offer visits through Zoom, Facetime, and Skype.

Santa Clause Writes-

This one looks like a lot of fun! There are three letter packages available 1) magic for $9.95 2) deluxe for $16.95 and 3) ultra-deluxe for $41.65. The ultra-deluxe package comes with some neat stuff like a retired reindeer bell, a squishy toy, a puzzle, magical reindeer food, and a piece of fabric from “Santa’s suit.” The other packages offer cool things too like Santa dust, high quality stationary, postage stamp from the North Pole and an unfolded letter so it can be framed. A lot to explore here!

Texts from Santa-

O.K. This one blows my mind. Families can sign up to receive texts from Santa in the days leading up to Christmas. Some of the examples they used look like so much fun! One was a picture of a baby reindeer saying, “Hey (child name), we got a new baby reindeer here at the North Pole, what should we name it?” Another example was a picture that Santa sends from “inside your house.” You text a pic of your living room or wherever your Christmas tree is, and they send back a picture of Santa photoshopped in your house! He’s making a cute little face and the gesture for “Shhhh!” That would blow my mind as a child. The service says there are texts and photos sent every day if you sign up for their service. A wonderful idea!

There are some fun options here. I am so grateful for the folks who think of these ideas. I just started wondering about what to do about Santa as I wandered through Clackamas Town Center the other day. I saw Santa’s chair was there, and they had a humongous “picture frame” looking thing about 6 feet away from the chair, so I assumed maybe kids will stand on the other side of the frame to take a picture with Santa. I know not all households embrace Santa, but for those who do, these choices may work for your family and bring some joy. Best of luck to you all in finding a way for your kiddos to see beloved Santa this year. 

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