As the weather and leaves change, the excitement in the air for Halloween is tingling like never before. Perhaps it’s because we all NEED Halloween so much right now. 

While some say Halloween should be canceled, I’m happy that trick or treating is still on. As it should be, for I relish the chance to escort my kids around our neighborhood while in my own costume, complete with my portable plastic skull wine glass sloshing around in-hand.

Halloween is one of the easiest holidays to social distance, but here are a few tips to make trick or treating even safer this year. 

– Stick with people in your pod

It’s ok to go with a group as long as these people have been in your inner circle during the pandemic. Don’t chance things by mixing with people that you haven’t been around. 

– Stay outside

Enter the haunted house? Hmmm…maybe not this year. But staying outside is perfectly fine. I have a neighbor who has let us wander through his crazy spooky yard, a perfectly safe thing while social distancing and mask wearing. Avoid anything indoors. 

– Keep to your own neighborhood

When you stick with people in your own area, there’s less chance of causing any spread. Plus, the kids get more time to pound the pavement in search of candy rather than driving to another location to go to the biggest houses.

– Wear your masks

I’ve got a straw-opening on my mask to make wine-drinking easier. Kids should wear masks too, but not the rubber kinds. This year might be the best one to be a ninja!

– Take sanitizer with you

I love those clip-on hand sanitizers that you can carry with you everywhere. Grab one for each kid and clamp about 10 more to yourself. You’ll need them. Make sure everyone sanitizes after touching anything. And while that might seem annoying, just know that wrapped candy is safe. You can clean the outside with soap and water as you check for razor blades and hand grenades or whatever we were supposed to be afraid of every other year. 

Advice for candy-givers

And if you’re one of the many candy-givers out there hoping to be delighted by costumed kids, you can follow some safe practices too. 

– Bundle candy in individual bags

Those dollar store party favor bags are perfect for bundling several pieces of candy. This way, kids can grab a bag and keep moving with minimal contact.

– Sit outside at a table

From behind a table and with a mask outdoors, it should be perfectly safe for you to stay socially distanced from anyone that arrives. You can also use that table to space out each bag of candy. 

– Don’t forget the hand sanitizer

And lastly, when giving out candy, keep hand sanitizer handy for you and for the table too. This will make sure everyone has a safe, sanitary, and super-fun Halloween!

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