Some places have been canceling public Halloween celebrations with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in my house, Halloween is a state of mind. We are down for celebrating the fun of Halloween at any time. Costumes, Halloween themed movies, and awesome decorations can be present at any time. Granted, it is the most fun during October. If you are concerned about COVID-19, we understand and want to help you find Spooktacular costumes to enhance your 2020 costume ideas. 

Characters and Jobs

Many movie characters already wear masks. Villains, superheroes, astronauts, doctors, and firefighters may all wear masks or face gear. These characters are present in many of your child’s favorite movies, anyway. 

Marvel and DC

Name three comic book heroes without some sort of facial gear. Okay, there are more than three, but the point is that many have masks or face coverings. Combine your Spiderman mask with a fashionable COVID-19 covering for a heroic celebration. 

Star Wars

Most Star Wars themed costumes come with masks anyway. Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Yoda, and dozens of more characters have premade masks for trick or treaters. My child was a Star Wars character six years running! Trust me, I know how many masks there can be. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack, Sally, Oogie, and the rest of the characters in this Disney Halloween/ Christmas mashup can all use masks. For Jack and Sally, you may choose to use a regular face mask and face paint for the costume. I see nothing wrong with wearing a Sally or Jack mask in July. 

Other Disney Characters

While Disney now owns Star Wars, Marvel, and DC, these are not the classic Disney characters. Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Minnie, and Daisy are still fan favorites. With the emergence of Disney Plus, many children are now experiencing the classic tales, and the old favorites are seeing new fans. Disney face masks are easy enough to find, but most costumes related to Mickey and his friends are plastic full-face shields anyway. While they have mouth/ air holes, most of them can be paired with a thin mask to keep germs out! 

Heroes and First Responders


Astronauts are popular every year. This year, the helmet can offer added protection. Be sure that you are covered if there is a mouth opening, but you can feel a little safer with more coverage. 


Firefighters often wear helmets or masks while fighting fires. This year, you may consider making your costume a little more authentic.


Emergency Medical Technicians often wear masks, gloves, and PPE, just as doctors do, but the rest of the uniform is different from doctors. Have fun with the costume. 

Medical Costumes

Medical costumes can be a fun tongue in cheek way to celebrate Halloween. Entertainer Jimmy Buffet says, “If we weren’t all crazy, we would go insane,” in his song Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. Sometimes, we just have to laugh at the situation. 


Surgeons and emergency doctors often wear masks even in non-pandemic times. Pair a disposable mask with some scrubs for a costume that is wrought with PPE. 

Killer Doctors

If you want to give a twist to your doctors, let your kiddo carry around a bloody scalpel or even a knife. In the interest of safety, make this a plastic kid’s knife or homemade cardboard knife. Never let your child run around with a sharp blade. 

Angel of Death Nurse

Sometimes nurses do harm. Dressing up like an evil nurse can pair the facemask with another medical costume. While nurses and doctors do not wear incredibly different clothing, they do have some differences in equipment.


This year, one of the more popular costumes is the Coronavirus itself. It is a mask that can be worn with regular clothing. This costume is incredibly fun for people who just need to laugh a little. 

Classic Costumes

Pair facemasks with the classic costumes that we have enjoyed for decades. This time, however, you will pair your mask with your costume to color/ style coordinate. Use disposable masks if you do not have a premade one in these designs. 


You do not even have to change the mask for a mummy. The material on a disposable mask is often white on the outside, anyway. Wrap your kiddo up in toilet paper or white gauzy fabric that you may purchase at the local craft store. 


Draw a Jack-O-Lantern grin on a facemask. You can also purchase many pumpkin or Halloween themed masks this year. If you do not want to use markers or pumpkin-themed masks, you can also purchase an orange mask and add some black construction paper. Get creative! 


Rather than wearing the plastic fangs of years past, use a flesh-toned mask and add fangs to it. You can also find fang masks. Pair the mask with the cloak of Dracula, and you will have a safe and fun Halloween costume. 

Final Thoughts

Be sure that you practice social distancing as much as possible, and you keep your hands clean. Many people are putting the candy out this year for children to retrieve contactless.  Be sure to sanitize your hands if you come in contact with others regularly. Personal hygiene and protection will do more for staying safe than masks and sanitizing surfaces. If you are concerned about trick-or-treating, think about dressing up and doing something fun at home instead of going out! What are your favorite ideas this year? 

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