I saw a meme on Facebook the other day that was sad, but still kind of cracked me up. It read: “Target has a ‘back to school’ section…I feel like someone should tell them.” This made me think about “school clothes.” 

I would guess that because most students will be heading toward distance-learning in the fall, there will be a general decrease in “school clothes” shopping this year. Although my little ones are staying home for school, we are still going to grab some new gear for the fall. These kids grow like weeds, so they need them. It will also likely give them some kind of “back to school” excitement. Usually, we head to Target or Old Navy, but this year, I would like to support local small businesses. The pandemic has caused a massive drop in sales and activity for many small businesses, so I would like to support local kids’ clothes stores for our kiddos’ school clothes shopping. I do want to be very transparent that some of the items in these smaller stores are SO expensive! I just about lost it when I saw a dress for $120! But, that’s kind of how it goes, right? Bigger stores sell clothes for cheaper than smaller stores. Also, some of these smaller stores aim to use eco-friendly, quality materials—and to be fair, those cost more than basic cotton. Below is a list of stores that I found online.

The Grasshopper Store

This boutique is in Portland. The website states that they are limiting the number of customers in the store, masks are required, and “private shopping appointments” are available. They have some extremely cute items. My favorite is the little “bomber jackets.” I clicked on a few pieces and the sizes vary. It looks like baby clothes all the way up to a size 10 youth. Some items only go to a size 8 youth. The store offers 1) curbside pickup 2) free local delivery 3) a flat rate of $8 for out-of-town delivery. 

Here is the link to explore their offerings: https://www.grasshopperstore.com/

Beanstalk Children’s Resale

The first thing I noticed on the website was that this store is a “PDX parent winner” for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020! I am assuming that means winner for the best kiddo clothes store. Pretty impressive. This store has two locations in Portland 1) near 80th and SE Stark and 2) near 15th and Fremont. The store has a huge variety of sizes and brands. Their sizes start at preemie and go all the way to “14 and up”. Their brand selection is huge. They also sell face masks! Along with clothes for purchase, they also sell/consign clothes. Beanstalk is a great resource for families. In our family, it seems like we are constantly buying and donating kids’ clothes. 

Here is the link: https://shopbeanstalk.com/


This store is in Portland on SE 44th and Woodstock. The store carries great brands like Hanna Andersson, Patagonia, and Columbia. They sell children’s clothing from newborn-size to size 10. They sell homemade local items as well as resale items. Along with kids’ clothes, they also sell maternity clothes and baby toys and equipment. 

For more information, here is the link: https://piccolinaresale.com/

Black Wagon Children’s Boutique store

OK. I will admit that this is the store that gave me a heart attack with some of their prices. I saw a little girl’s dress (a ridiculously cute dress) on their website for $120! That might not seem expensive to some, but it seems awfully expensive to me. But I will still recommend this store and say I understand these prices because they offer gorgeous, well-designed items that seem to be made from quality materials. The website boasts that their focus is “quality goods that are smart, current, fun, and made to last.” Their clothing fits sizes 2T to 14 years. My favorite item is their “Harry Potter” Vans brand shoes. There are plenty of cool items to explore. 

Here is the link: https://blackwagon.com/

All About Kids Inc.

All About Kids is a cute consignment and kids clothes store in Gresham. I did not find a website, but they have a Facebook page that seems to stay current. I believe most of the time their hours are 10-4. Their address is: 121 N Main Ave Gresham, OR. Phone # is 503.492.3400. 

Here is the link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/All-About-Kids-Inc-104545085492/

Little Roo’s Children’s Upscale Resale

This boutique is in Lake Oswego. They do consignment and sell used and new kids clothing items. It doesn’t seem like online shopping is available: but the store hours are listed on the website. The store is closed on Sun-Tues, and open on Wed-Sat from 11-4. The store prides itself on “providing low cost items, helping neighbors by offering consignment and keeping clothes out of landfills, and donating clothing.” 

For more info, head to this link: https://littlerooskids.com/

Hoot-N-Annie Children’s Boutique

This store is in Portland on SW Capitol Highway. They are currently working on opening a second location. This store offers children’s clothing from NB to size 16. They offer consignment, and a large variety of goods including children’s clothing, face masks, shoes, gear, etc. Their adorable motto is: “We love supporting mama’s, makers, and marvelous humans.” 

For more info, here is the link: https://shophootnannie.com/

Stone Soup Kids

This store is in the northwest side of Bend. Stone Soup prides itself on being a retail shop with the feel of a boutique that has items that are priced around “25% of retail prices.” They carry awesome brands such as REI, Gap, and Keen. The webpage has some great pictures and the store looks to be stocked full of beautiful clothing. Their current days and hours are Mon-Sat 10-4. This store has won awards for being the “best children’s clothing store” according to “Source Weekly” for six years in a row. 

Here is the link: http://www.stonesoupkids.com/

Back on the Rack

This store is in Hillsboro. The website states that it is the “largest kid and maternity resale store in the pacific northwest!” Pretty impressive claim! I looked at the website and it looks to have girl sizes from preemie to size 10 and boy sizes from preemie to size 5. It also looks like they do consignments and are serious about cleaning and sanitizing their items due to the pandemic. The website is full of good information and an online store. 

Here is the link: https://www.shopbackontherack.com/


There are some great choices out there for new and used children’s clothing. The listed stores differ in price and items, but they are all small businesses that will likely be overshadowed by stores like Target and Old Navy. If you can shop through these suggestions, great! If not, even “following”, “liking”, or “sharing” these business pages through social media is helpful. These small businesses are helped greatly by exposure and word-of-mouth referrals. I am definitely going to try to buy a few pieces from at least some of these places. 

Best of luck to you all in finding some cute school clothes for the kiddos through these local, small clothing stores!

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