The school year is approaching fast. Some families will be partaking in curriculums from their assigned schools, while others are opting for homeschool programs. In a homeschool setting, parents usually utilize academic workbooks to aid with instruction. I compiled a list of different companies that have workbooks for purchase below.

Scholastic- has a large variety of workbooks for kiddos ages kindergarten-12th grade. There are several different subjects, genres, and languages available. Here is a link:

Rainbow Resource Center-

RRC has an extremely extensive selection of workbooks. I only saw materials available for children from grades kindergarten through 6th grade, but there are some great choices. They offer books that are complete curriculums, common core skills, and “brain-quest” materials. The website offers a complete catalog that can be downloaded or mailed. Here is the link to the website:—BY-GRADE.html

School Zone- offers workbooks for grades K-6. They also offer toddler and preschool workbooks. The website has a great variety of books such as “starting to read” books, eBooks, coloring books, and board books. Here is the link to the website:

Christian is a website that offers homeschooling curriculum materials. They offer workbooks for grades PreK-12. The website offers many resources and a ton of information about homeschooling and helpful learning aids. Here is the link:


Kumon workbooks are available for kiddos between grades K-8th grade. There is a large variety of subjects. Workbooks for young kiddos include skills such as tracing, coloring/drawing, and pencil skills. Workbooks for older kiddos gravitate toward skills in math, reading, and writing. Here is the link:

Brain Quest-

My sister and I absolutely adored “Brain Quest” items in our younger years. On long car rides, we would stay busy with “Brain Quest” decks/games. This brand has been around for a long time, with good reason. I was excited to see that this company offers workbooks for grades Pre-K-6th grade. Here is the link:


Highlights offer workbooks for ages 1-12. The subjects include coloring, tracing, reading, writing, arts, science, and math. They also offer “fun workbooks” that have hidden pictures, puzzles, and games. Here is the link:

Lakeshore Learning-

Lakeshore Learning is an awesome store in Tualatin. Although there are tons of learning materials, I did not see workbooks. However, they have a huge section of “free learning resources.” They offer writing prompts, printable worksheets, and learning activities for free on their website. Here is the link:


Amazon offers access to all types of academic workbooks. The website is a hub for a variety of different brands, subjects, and grade level workbooks. Here is the link to their academic workbook section-


Workbooks are helpful because they refine and organize lessons for kiddos. There is plenty of information available on the internet and it can be overwhelming as a parent/guardian to try and select the most important information. Workbooks select the most meaningful information of a subject and present it in a way that is understandable to kids. Research has supported the idea that when children write in workbooks, opposed to typing, kids are “firing up certain areas of the brain that help them to not only remember what they are learning, but also to form new ideas” (, 2020). Whether you are homeschooling or following a curriculum from your assigned school, workbooks can be a helpful learning aid and a fun activity for your kiddos. 

Best of luck to you all in finding the most beneficial workbooks for your family.

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