There are plenty of options for furthering your child’s learning during the summer. Academic camps such as reading and writing workshops, math classes and camps, and other “core curriculum” choices are plentiful. There are also plenty of physical fitness camps focusing on traditional sports such as basketball, soccer, or football. 

But what about fun, extracurricular camps for kids? Solving mysteries, working on circus skills, or learning to create films are just some of the local options. Some camps are half-day camps, and some are virtual. 

Here are some of the camps that are ready to entertain and teach your kiddos.

Circus camp-

The Circus Project is a program based in Portland that teaches children aerial skills, acrobatics, juggling, theater elements, and other circus activities. Sadly, the program will only be available online through the summer, but the activities sound awesome. 

Using Zoom, teachers will coach kiddos through stretches, teach them new skills, and work with them through instructional packets and activities. There are three options: 

1) Little circus online camp for ages 5-6. Sessions are June 15th-June 19th, and July 13th-July 17th from 10:00-11:30. The price is $50-$125 dependent on a sliding scale 

2) Kids Circus online camp for ages 7-11. Sessions are 7/6-7/10 or 7/20-7/24 from 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. The price ranges from $100-250 dependent on a sliding scale 

3) Youth Summer Intensive. This option requires an audition. The program is for ages 10-18. An application and an audition video with specific tasks are required. 

Here is the link to explore the different programs and register.

Fashion design camp-

This program is for kids 8-12. The camp is associated with the “Montavilla Sewing Center.” 

Camp #1 involves learning to use a sewing machine, cutting straight lines and hems, and making a “sleepover pillowcase.” 

Camp #2 involves making pajama pants with a zippered pouch that is “perfect for goodies.” Sessions are July 6th-9th 2020 and July 13th through 16th

Cost is $120 per student and includes supplies. A 20% student discount is offered at PFI supply on 42nd and NE Tillamook. 

Here is the link to inquire about summer camp.

“Ninja Warrior” parkour camp-

Kids 9-14 years old will learn parkour techniques at this camp. The cost is $355 for McMinnville residents, and $390 for non-residents. Last day of online registration is June 13th for the one available session: June 22nd to June 26th

This camp takes place at the McMinnville Community Center. For more information, here is the link.

Mystery camp-

“The Mystery Club” has a mystery camp available between June 22nd and June 26th for ages 8-12. The group will meet online daily (supervised through a leader) through a Zoom meeting to unfold mysteries and do detective work. 

Early bird registration ends on June 11th, and they have a coupon code for savings: Coupon code= EARLYMYSTERY. The final day of registration is June 18th

The kids will solve clues and puzzles in this camp. The cost is $25 per family. The link to register is here.

Computer coding camp-

“Coding with Kids” camps and classes have a ton of options. From Minecraft activities to App development, there are plenty of choices for kids from age 5-18. 

There are options for half-day camps in July and August at two locations: 1) Portland State University and 2) SE Portland-PELA location.

There are also virtual, online camps available. Their “early bird discount” is active until June 11th. The link to register for online camps is here

The link to explore Portland in-person half-day camps is here.

Film camp-

Trackers Portland has a large array of summer camp options. But, one that is unique is “film camp.” The camp is three weeks long, and each week is a different theme: 1) movie shorts 2) blockbuster or 3) documentary. 

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t provide the dates/prices. If interested in film camps, there is a “sign-up” section that asks for your email address and full name at this link.

Superhero camp-

For kids between the ages of 3-6, there is a “superhero mini camp” available in August. The camp takes place at the Northeast Community Center on NE 38th Ave. in Portland. The kiddos will create masks, develop a superhero identity, and make their own cape! 

The class is for one week, August 17th-Aug 21st from 9 a.m. to noon. The price starts at $88. 

Here is the link to registration.

Magic camp-

Portland Magic Academy does not have a “summer camp” per se, but they do regularly have an “eight lesson online wand course”. The program is designed to teach kiddos the “8 traits of a true magician.” Different classes have different colored wands, “similar to upgrading belt colors in a karate class” the website explains. 

The materials needed for the classes are delivered to your home, and the program takes place through Zoom. 

The next sessions start on either June 16th or June 22nd for $214. The link to registration is here.

Acting camp-

Acting for Kids and Teens in Portland offers summer camp classes in their studio, or online starting June 22nd. The studio is in Portland at 1633 NW Glisan St. The choices are based on age. 

For ages 9-17: 

1) Making good YouTube videos

2) TV/Film acting camp 

3) Improv, sketch, and SNL-inspired comedy 

4) Stunt and acting onstage 

5) Week of everything TV/film. 

For ages 8-18 the option is:

1) Make-a-Movie. 

For ages 12-18 the choices are various “Teen Intensive camps.”

The prices range from $195-$595. There are payment plans and sibling discounts offered. The link for registration is here.

Photography camp-

Trackers Portland has a few choices of photography camps for kiddos. Kids who are in 5th through 10th grade can choose from four different photo camps:

1) Planet Earth 

2) Urban Explorers 

3) Photojournalist  

4) Drone Pilot

There are week-long sessions available in July and August. The cost is $445.

 Here is the link to registration.


These camps and classes fit a variety of kids’ age levels and interests. Traditional summer programs focus on kids’ academic development or physical fitness. These listed programs can provide kids an activity/camp that is solely for fun and/or to expand on their hobbies. Typical schools do not usually provide an opportunity for kiddos to partake in activities such as magic/circus tricks, parkour, or solving mysteries. Although some of these programs seem pretty expensive, the experiences would likely provide incredible memories and experiences for kiddos. 

Best of luck to you all in finding a fun summer program for your family.

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