During this time of quarantine, it has been fun for our family to escape on “Virtual tours.” The choices online for virtual tours seem endless. Since we miss our local outings like the Oregon Zoo, we like to embrace their virtual tours. Here are a few recommendations.

Oregon Zoo-

We miss the zoo terribly! We are long-time members and we go there regularly. 

The Zoo is providing new videos every week on their Facebook page and on YouTube. Along with videos, they have activities that are available. Their most recent activity listed provides a video on Asian Elephants, and a poem-writing activity template. 

There are also many existing, informal tours of the Oregon Zoo on YouTube.

Oregon Coast Aquarium-

The Oregon Coast Aquarium Facebook page provides a link that encourages people to see what is happening behind the scenes on a day to day basis through YouTube.This page also provides a link to a behind-the-scenes video that is over an hour long! 

There is also a video over six minutes long on YouTube that is noted on the website as a “virtual field trip.” A lot to watch and a lot to learn!

Shrink Ray Farms-

I was thrilled to recently learn that Shrink Ray Farms is offering free, live, virtual events during this time. They are offering teachers a chance to provide a “free virtual farm tour” for their students. They are also offering free virtual shows for kids twice a week. 

Tuesdays at 2:00 is their “Meet the reptiles” show, and Fridays at noon is their “Treats with goats and sheep” shows, and these take place on their website

We are huge fans of this local company. Recently, we were able to watch an amazing performer called “Mr. Lizard” at our local library. “Mr. Lizard” has offered shows since 1992 here in Oregon. His goal is to let kids be hands on with his array of reptile creatures to try and get kiddos to reduce their fear and gain interest in animals. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, kiddos are not able to touch his awesome animals for a while, so I highly recommend taking a tour. Hopefully when this is over, he will continue to gain business through birthday parties and events.

Tillamook Cheese Factory-

Our beloved Tillamook Cheese Factory has tours and education available online. I thought I would just punch it into Google and see what they have for virtual offerings. I was surprised to see two options that are educational. 

Option 1: a virtual tour of their farm exhibit. This option teaches how Tillamook Cheese company cares for their cows and teaches about the process of milking a cow. 

Option 2: a virtual tour of their factory floor. This option shows great pictures of the factory, and a video of the process it takes to make milk and cheese. 

There is also an option to tour their store, but it does not look like you are able to buy their products online. There is, however, an option to find their product near you.

The Pittock Mansion

I am sad that after saying over and over to my hubby that we must take the kids to see the mansion, now it is closed! But we were able to finally show them around recently through a virtual tour. 

The Pittock Mansion’s Facebook page provides an article that possesses a three-dimensional model of the whole mansion! It was a bit overwhelming at first, and kids may need help figuring it out. Once I figured out how to navigate it, the model was amazing! Each room is represented, and you can explore them up close and for as long as you want. A very cool and educational opportunity. The website itself contains the history of the mansion and displays the artwork in the exhibits.


These recommendations are based on some of our favorite places in Oregon. I encourage you all to seek out your local favorites, check their websites and social media pages, and see what they have to offer during this time. 

We have had a lot of fun exploring our special places virtually. My fingers are crossed for the hope that we will step foot in these places again soon. Happy searching!

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