If you’re anything like me, then you’ve felt the impact of covid 19 on your fitness regimen.  I went from playing soccer three times a week and going to the gym on a regular basis to nothing.  Lucky for me, stretch pants and loose sweatshirts have saved me from experiencing any ill-fitting clothing (there’s always a silver lining)! However, I feel it in my lungs.  I first noticed it when I tried to play basketball with my son (who’s 14) and I could hardly breathe. That is a problem, but it’s a problem I can fix. 

My fitness routine is not the only one that’s done a complete 180.  The kids have also had a major reversal in their activity level.  We all know screen time is up and movement is down.  With sports being cancelled and recess long gone, the kids are feeling it too. Between all four kids, we rarely had a day off from loading up the van and running around to sports activities, but the van  has sat idle for some time now. 

During the nice weather spell we had, the older boys and I started running again. (The first run was a fun one. Let me tell you!) However, the little ones didn’t join in because, well, they’re not interested in running distance. So, I wanted to find some workouts that varied in difficulty that we could do at home.  I came across some really fun online activities that I’d like to share.  

I need to put my disclaimer out there first. I’m old school and I truly believe playing outside with your kids is one of the best things you can do to model active living.  Whether that be throwing the baseball, bumping a volleyball or kicking the soccer ball, playing sports with your kids checks so many boxes in my book.  So, if you have the time and the weather suits you, get out there and play with your kids.  

However, I know we’re all super busy trying to meet the new commitments of work, school, sanity, etc.  So if you need a break but don’t want to see your kids vegging out on the couch, try some of these online resources.

I’ve used the Nike Training Club App https://www.nike.com/ntc-app for a while now.  I was too cheap to pay for the premium version so I navigated my way through the free basic training modules (and even those were good). In the wake of covid 19, Nike has opened up their premium workouts for free! They have a  wide range of workouts that fall under multiple categories (endurance, mobility, strength, yoga).  You can also filter by equipment, duration (5 to 60 minutes), level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), etc. My older kids really enjoy these workouts because they are challenging and my boys love anything related to Nike.

I also wanted to find something that would help kids learn or brush up on specific sports skills. The YMCA is offering good instructional videos online.  They have short tutorials that teach kids some of the fundamental skills for basketball, soccer and basic strength and agility training.

Then, of course, there’s YouTube (you all know how I feel about YouTube). Again, I hate to say it but they have some really useful videos.  There’s a fun Batman workout or an energetic Minions Zumba routine to name a few character-inspired fitness routines.  They also have workouts that are geared toward the whole family.  I personally like the PopSugar Family Cardio routine.  There’s something for everyone on YouTube and you can decide what suits your needs and ability.  Just get up and get moving!