April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a day in which people around the world raise awareness about protecting the environment. Before Earth Day began, cars used gasoline that contained a poisonous ingredient, and factories pumped pollution into the air and water. The first Earth Day in 1970 brought people together throughout the US to make changes and protect the Earth. Now Earth Day is a global movement celebrated by millions of people worldwide. 

We may all currently be indoors, but there are still lots of amazing ways kids can celebrate Earth Day this year from the comfort of their own home. Andrea Barbalich, Editor in Chief of The Week Junior, shares 10 tips.

  1. Drink water from a reusable bottle rather than a disposable plastic one. About one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute, and only 23% of them get recycled. Find a bottle you like and decorate it with stickers so everyone in the home knows it’s yours.
  2. Confused about what can and can’t be recycled? Decorate the recycling bin in your home with pictures of all the things that can go in there. For example, you could cut out images from old magazines of cans, cardboard and plastic so you know exactly what belongs.
  3. Take a quicker shower. It’s amazing, but if you spend five minutes in the shower instead of 10, you could save about 360 gallons of water a month.
  4. Give your yard some TLC. Order a packet of seeds online and celebrate Earth Day by planting them in your yard or in a pot to place on a sunny windowsill indoors. Just remember to water them!
  5. While you’re outside, you could start a compost bin for your home. It’s an eco-friendly way of disposing of biodegradable waste products, such as leftover fruit and vegetables, and it creates compost that is rich in nutrients to be used in the yard.
  6. Create an inspiration board that shows everything you love about the world around you. It could include favorite animals or flowers or even places you would love to visit. Hang it on a door or in a window so your neighbors can enjoy it too.
  7. Take a bike ride or a walk instead of using the car. We’re already using the car less as we’re staying indoors more,  but take it to the extreme and challenge your family to use the car even less.
  8. Try eating less meat. More people are cutting back on meat and dairy and choosing to eat more plant-based foods. This helps the Earth because producing meat has a big environmental impact. You could go meatless for one meal a day or start doing Meatless Monday with your family. 
  9. Spring is here, which means there are more birds flying around and landing in our yards. Build a bird feeder in your yard to attract more birds and give them something to nibble on. 
  10. Make an Earth Day fashion line. Got some old clothes you were planning on chucking out? Take a pair of scissors to them and see what you can create. Maybe some jeans become jean shorts or one of your parents’ old T-shirts becomes a dress.

There are some amazing organizations out there that can help you to care for the Earth from inside your home. For example, Offset.Earth plants trees around the world on your behalf, which you can watch flourish through their app.