In these introverted times, we tend to become bored easily and get tired of doing the same old things day after day. Now is the perfect time, if there ever has been, to start a new hobby. It is especially beneficial if you and your family can enjoy a hobby together.

The first new hobby to try is gardening. While we’re stuck in our own homes, why not give the yard a new garden. Children have great fun picking out their own seeds and planting them to watch them grow. Since hardware stores are one of the few businesses open, all of your supplies are very obtainable. Don’t have a yard? You can still grow plenty of crops indoors such as tomatoes, carrots, and many herbs. The process of growing plants can be lengthy, so to keep your whole family entertained try painting and designing the pots, or naming the plants.

Teaching your kids how to bake and cook is something that happens over time, but thanks to quarantine, there’s no time like the present. Passing down culinary knowledge is a great bonding experience, and at some point, you’ll have little helpers when it comes to dinner time, making your day just a little easier. Baking cookies is always a favorite, and so is making a cake. Your family can also develop their decorating skills by learning how to frost desserts or use fondant. Noodles are another great thing to cook together since it may involve a variety of ingredients so that every person can have their own responsibility.

For those families with older kids and teenagers, who value screen time above all else, it might be a good idea to start a movie-watching hobby. Pick out a movie series that you will all watch together. Twilight, Paranormal Activity, Avengers, and so many more will give your family something to bond and talk over for weeks. You don’t need to watch them all in one sitting, but stick to some sort of schedule, such as once every Tuesday and Thursday, or one movie every other day, just so that the whole family knows exactly when it is happening making it harder for someone to back out. Having the entire family invested in a series is one of the best bonders. 

There are a ton more hobbies to try with your family, these are just a few examples to explore, but you can also try jogging, nail art, puzzles, or even wrestling. The most important thing is that you do it as a family.