Easter is just around the corner, and we are all looking forward to as much chocolate and family time as possible. There is much to be said for a traditional Easter, welcoming in the spring and rolling painted eggs down hills. Easter is a time to get the family together and indulge in festivities that cheer us all up and help us wave goodbye to the winter.

You can go to the store and buy the usually mass-produced candies to fill Easter baskets or put them into plastic eggs, but where is the fun in that? Easter is about spending time with the kids, and what better way to do it than by cooking up some culinary delights together as a family? 

Whoever said less is more did not mean it to apply to Easter, and we say that more is definitely more when it comes to Easter treats. We’ve put together some of our best for you to try at home with the kids. Let’s dive right in and get baking. 

Cupcakes with a twist

We love all things cupcakes and know you’ll all have your favorite go-to cupcake recipe. Add a spring twist by displaying chocolate cupcakes in a terracotta plant pot and topping them off with orange frosting to make them look like carrots. Carrot patch cupcakes are a must for the Easter bunny. 

Flowery fruit tarts

Make sweet pastry in flower shapes and fill it with your favorite spring strawberry jelly or lemon curd for the flower’s center. The tarts are a lovely Easter treat, and sweet pastry recipes are available with a quick Google search, 

Peanut butter candy egg blondies

Make some blondies instead of brownies this Easter and load them with peanut butter and candy eggs. These are absolutely delicious, a great traybake, and the kids love them. 

Bunny sugar cookies

Make some cookies in cute little bunny shapes. Have the kids frost them with white icing and pop a fluffy whitetail on the back. Little bits of pink sugar icing here and there help add facial features. They will be almost too good to eat. 

Mascarpone tart with fresh strawberries

You can buy a pastry crust from the shop and whip up a sweet mascarpone with sweet cheese filling. I like to use thickened condensed milk for extra sweetness, but we all have our recipes. Top it off with strawberries and pistachio shavings for an indulgent and spring-themed dessert the whole family will love. 

Unicorn bark

This sweet treat looks impressive and tastes delicious, and honestly, I can’t get over how easy it is to make. You melt together the chocolate of your choosing: dark, milk, white, or all three. Then, when it’s melted, mix it with sprinkles and add as much candy as you like. You end up with a big swirling, colorful, and crispy bake tray. 

Easter sugar cookie cake

You and the kids don’t have to waste time making lots of little cookies. Instead, you could make a giant cookie cake. Sprinkle the cake batter with colorful egg-shaped candies to make this cookie cake look extra spring-colored and bright. 

Easter chick strawberries

We love this fun little snack. Not only is it easy to make, but it’s also yummy to eat, and the kids can get creative. You dip your strawberries in white chocolate. Let the chocolate dry and layer it to ensure it’s nice and sturdy. The kids can then decorate them as little Easter chicks. 

Birds nest cupcakes

Make some bird nest cupcakes the same way you would any other, except with a twist. You can have a go at sugar spinning with the kids to decorate the tops of the cakes, then pop in some candy eggs. 

Toasted coconut bunny tails

If you serve some of these bite-size treats at your Easter party, they will disappear immediately. They are super simple to make and pack a tasty punch. You only need marshmallows, desiccated coconut, and a little toasty magic. The kids will enjoy making these as much as they enjoy eating them. 

Easter egg macaroons

If you and the kids feel extra brave, you could give this Easter twist on a classic macaroon from childhood. Macaroons are notoriously tricky to make but oh so pretty, especially when shaped like Easter eggs. If you manage to pull these off, no one will ever question your baking skills again.

Happy Easter!

However you celebrate Easter with tradition or treats, these yummy goodies will surely be a hit at the dinner table. You could even start your own Easter treat tradition.